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Chris LoCurto


September 24, 2013

Why I Left Dave Ramsey’s Organization

September 24, 2013 | By | 80 Comments">80 Comments

Why did Chris LoCurto leave Dave Ramsey’s organization?” is the #1 question I get asked. Everybody wants to know the details of why I left. So today, I break it down for you and share my story of how I got to where I am now.

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Question: What are your thoughts and comments?

  • ChrisBan35

    Hi Chris, thank you for sharing. HUGE Dave Ramsey fan!! And now, a Chris LoCurto fan! :) I’ve been a business leader, entrepreneur, and successful sales professional for years, and now, my passion has changed from helping companies find technology to helping the people within organizations to better themselves.

    Never done coaching before, not well versed on podcasting, video editing, and public speaking, but that’s part of the new challenge I’ve taken on and I sincerely appreciate learning from guys like yourself that have successful created a defined pathway to doing it the right way!

    I’ve added you to my favorites and look forward to hearing more.

    “God never fails to tell us where he wants us to go, its just that some men refuse to listen.” :)

  • Romans5Three

    I don’t have speakers, what’s the tl;dl?

  • Isaiah

    At Mat, Cris is charging about industry standard coaching prices. There are a lot of free resources out there including his podcast, the Dave Ramsey Entreleadership Podcasts etc. And the book Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey is not free but a lot less than 5000.

    Now the difference with coaching is this, having loads of good information, is useless if you do not have a clue how to apply it properly.

    Give you an Idea, With Dave Ramsey’s book the Total Money Make Over, its a great book, and followed it will help you get out of debt, save, and give, however it can not by its nature come and sit down with you and talk to you about your situation.

    A financial coach can, sit down look over the books with you and go over your budget with you and make good suggestions and help get you to where you want to be.

    Same with football, or baseball or any other game, most people who play those know the Rules. I could read a book on the rules of baseball, but it takes a coach to help develop me further, as a book can only do so much!

    I really did not get the feeling of infomercial, if you have listened to the Early Entreleadership podcasts you would know his heart, and I heard it again on this message.

    Honestly, to me it sounds like your business is failing and you are blaming Chris for not helping you. The problem is its not his fault that your business is failing. You are. The good news is you’re also the solution.

    Personally my business is not even off the ground yet, as a Dave fan I have no debt on my business and technically its made a little money, but not much, I do not have 5k for coaching, so I have started devoting my time to books on business and podcasts and free web resources etc.

    I have learned that the reason My business is not working is because I am not working. I have been haphazard in my approach to marketing, and planning, and even accounting, yes I could use a coach, however since I can not afford one, I am starting to do what I can with the free/inexpensive info. Its up to me to make my business work.

  • Mat

    I got three quarters of the way through this podcast and had to turn it off. It sounded like one giant infomercial… “Look at me” “look what I can do for you” “look how much I’ve done for these businesses”, etc. It was giving me a headache. Great, you are God’s gift to businesses. What would really impress me is if you found a way to get your info out to small businesses like my own that cannot afford paying 5k for your expert help.

  • Jay

    Holy Cow Chris!
    I feel a little bit guilty because I tuned in thinking your story was going to be a scandal! What a great story brother!
    Blown away by your humility, honesty, and…man…just awesome! How many of us are terrified to do what you did!

  • Dave Ramsey lost a great person, good luck, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you grow here in Dallas.
    Thanks for your time and advice Chris.
    See you at the top.

  • bedrock3

    Chris, I love your stuff. There is an X factor to your communication that makes me want to lean in. I plan on listening to your podcasts and reading your blog posts.

    As a professional coach, I do have one complaint. You like to say, “I coach these businesses, and I rip their businesses apart.” I know what you’re saying, but a coach doesn’t rip a business apart. A consult might do this. I also wonder if people might be put off by the thought of you ripping their “baby” apart.

    I get that you have some best practices that will help any business. It’s just the phrase “rip their business apart”. Just thought I’d let you know. It won’t stop me from listening.

    Thanks Chris!

  • May Bohon

    Wow, I’m a huge Lampo fan and I am just now finding out about this! Hope your next adventure has been an awesome one!! :)

  • Peter Koffler

    Chris, I have listened to many of your podcasts and you hit a home run every time. They are always informative and right on point, very effective and highly usable in any profession! thanks for providing excellent material.

  • Audrey

    Thanks for sharing your story. My husband met you last December at Entreleadership and said you were a very classy individual. I wish you the best of luck!

    • Ok, that is awesome to hear!! He must be a classy man himself!

  • Chris,

    We live in a world where we want to hear the latest scandal or breaking news story. To hear that you are leaving because God called you to another place may seem strange to some, but not to me. I appreciate your openness and honesty. Dave Ramsey has built a great organization but like any job (unless it’s the Supreme Court), it’s not a job for life. It’s for a season and a reason.

    Be blessed and I am praying for you and hope to meet you in person soon.

    • HAHAHA!!! I love the SC comment Chip! And thank you! I completely agree

  • Duane Wilson


    Thanks for sharing your story about leaving Dave’s organization, and affirming Dave’s significance in your growth and success.

    Your story reminded me of Exodus 3-4. It certainly took a lot of courage and faith to leave such a great organization. Our calling is often not something that’s naturally easy, but something we have been perfectly prepared to do through His grace.

    It’s good to hear you and Dave are still good friends. Two men on a great crusade blessing those around them. Awesome!

    Keep up the great work!

    Duane Wilson

  • Chris, props for a honest and God-honoring podcast. May God bless your business and may you in-turn bless numerous people through your business.

  • Jason King

    Thanks for sharing your journey and the details of your transition from Dave Ramsey’s Organization. Your recommendation to live life with open hands before God was really timely for me. Really encouraging brother. Thanks for your example!!!

  • Barry Mastrantonio

    Wonderful story. It shows that if we will listen to that small voice of God He will bless us in magnificent ways. As Phillips, Craig, and Dean sing you are a friend of God!
    Hope all is well with Chelsea. The offer is always open if you ever come to Las Vegas. I am honored to know you.
    God Bless.

    • and as Randy Newman said, You’ve got a friend in me!


    Wow! I wondered the reason, but feared “the ask”. Thanks for your transperancy and openness in this topic. I liked hearing the “big picture”. How you started before working with Dave Ramsey…this helps me understand more of why you do what you do and get to know you more. Thanks again, Chris!

  • Thanks for sharing your heart. I really needed to hear that last part about God preparing you. The timing was incredible. Thank you.

  • Thanks for sharing this Chris! I am so glad what I expected was true. I have so much respect for Dave and his team…and I still do. Proud for you and your example of courage.

  • Miriam Tedeschi

    Thanks Chris. Amazing words of encouragement! We need to have coffee soon. We are walking through changes and could use your ear and wisdom! Love you bother! Miriam Tedeschi

  • Stan Stinson

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Casey

    How do you subscribe to the podcast outside of iTunes. I’m on android and I don’t see a RSS feed or anything for the podcast. Would love to hear more of what you have to say.

  • justinrdr

    Chris, your story of leaving Lampo is an incredible example of honor! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • mkokc

    Chris, I listened to this at 6:30 this morning on my way to a meeting. I had been excited to hear it in your own words.
    Your bravery and honesty is inspiring to all of us. Hearing God’s whispers is something we all work to learn. A pastor once told me that no matter all of the voices and conversations going on around you, your ears are trained to hear your Father’s voice.
    This is the world’s biggest trust fall, but don’t worry, you have a pretty big and strong tribe to catch you here.

  • Chris, that was awesome.

    Just keep it up. For every new leader out there who needs you and finds you. Keep it up.

  • CJ

    Thanks for the transparency. In the last 2-3 years three very high level or high profile people including one from the past week have left from, as what someone stated, a company many would pay to be a team member. That of course gets people wondering all sorts of things. So glad to see you and Dave have maintained a relationship. All the best going forward.

    • cj

      Slight correction to above. Not really transparency as much as testimony. But still always interesting to see and have a greater understanding of how business relationships work with a touch of divine guidance.

  • Jason R Sprague

    Hey Chris,

    What a great example of giving up the good for God’s great.

    Thank you for telling your story. I hope to get to meet you in person some day simply to shake your hand and tell you well done.

    God is good.

  • Chris Meyerson

    That was Great Chris cant wait to work with you again..

  • Sheila Fiorella

    Wish I could listen but my speakers currently are not working on my computer. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your energy, your passion, and your humble example. I will be praying for you in your new venture Chris. Continue to be strong and courageous, knowing that God is always with you. :)

    Now may the Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his face to you and grant you peace.

    God bless and love always,

  • Wow. It sounds like a really tough decision. I’ve wondered (but never asked) this for a while now.

    I love seeing how well you’re doing and congratulations on all your well-deserved success!

  • Tiffany Olson

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Mostly for the end part when you talked about seasons of transition and God taking 3 years to prepare you for launch. It really registered with both my husband and I.
    As far as leaving Dave’s team, anyone that has followed you can see where your heart is and knows that what you are doing now is an extension of what you were doing with Dave. But it’s better in the sense that every day business people now have access to someone who has been there and done that, in a big way. You are reaching even more people with the message of servant leadership, culture and helping others. God had you leave so more people could be helped.
    Huge Dave fan, Huge Chris fan. Thank you for all that you do to make all of our lives and the lives of the people we do business with better. Have a great day!

  • BruceCross

    Chris – thanks for the transparency in which you tell your story! I started my current employment 4 years ago with the thought in my mind from the Lord “this is an interim assignment”….fast forward, I find myself at a crossroads now where I believe the assignment is coming to a conclusion and I am seeking God for the next chapter under a different scenario than yours. . Your thoughts were a blessing to me….Bruce

  • Great job!. What I love about this is the listening to customers. Then the implementation. Belief and passion are such strong motivators. Way to face the fear multiple times.

  • Carla MusarraLeonard

    Chris, this is good stuff! You have blessed many people I am sure, as you have blessed me tremendously! Talk about seasons, 18 years ago I had an idea to start a business. What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was not ready. I had so much to learn (and still do!), but I didn’t know it at the time, and being the wife of an active duty Marine, I found it difficult to get started because we moved around and were not in the ideal geographic location to start my business. I really didn’t have the tools. My dream slowly faded into the background of my life. Two years ago, my fire was reignited. I began reading and listening to great books and podcasts on business and leadership. It was my season to prepare and learn before I would launch my business. That is when I found you. Thank God for these seasons. They prepare us for the next ones. So as I found you in my preparation season, I will carry you throughout my future seasons because I am always learning, and you are always blessing with you teaching. Thank you Chris! You have and will continue to do great things :) May God bless you.

  • Fantastic. Thanks Chris, very authentic!

  • Laura Johnson

    Wow. So glad you shared. You made me all misty-eyed, but smiling at the same time. I can totally hear your heart coming through, and that hit me more than anything you actually said.
    It is obvious God has called you. And like so many others have said, you have had a profound impact on so many lives. This is only the beginning! I am going to enjoy watching your business grow and develop, and YOU grow and develop! I better go start some popcorn….!
    Thank you for allowing all of us in, to view a part of your life. Transparency is a powerful thing.
    Keep rockin’ it!! :)

  • That is an inspiring story. It reminds me that we don’t always know the best thing for us, but God always has our best interest at heart.

  • So, you left an organization that many of us would PAY to work for. As a result, you’re answering your individual calling and rocking it!!! Only you can do what you are doing and you wouldn’t be able to fulfill that at Lampo. When I learned about this, I was both shocked and excited for you. You have influenced the lives of thousands of people during your time with Dave and many more since you started The Poimen Group. You started building a tribe a couple of years ago and it’s grown in an amazing way. And, as expected, the tribe has followed you. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Many blessings will continue to come your way and we’ll continue to root for you. WOOT!!!

  • I love the honesty of this – I also admire your humility soaked throughout your message – what a blessing you are to others. Well done, Chris.

  • Kim Little

    Whatever the reason, we miss you CLo!

  • TimC2248

    Hey Bob. Miss you Brother. So proud of you.

  • And here I thought the answer was because you were just that awesome! :) I loved how you gave us your superhero origin story!

    I love that you shared that it took God three years to prepare you to leave, because of how difficult it would be to move out of the comfort of where you were.

  • Crystal Paine

    This. was. amazing!

    Thank you for the profound impact you’ve had on my life and for the incredible example you set of humble leadership. Your life continually inspires me!

    Also? Thank you for bringing back the podcast! I was going through withdrawal. :)

  • David Holderman

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You inspire me, Chris.”

  • Thank you for your story today, Chris. It was amazing to here how your life was in the middle of a transition that you though was taking three years to get out of when you realized it was just the time needed to prepare for the next step. As I personally struggle with my own ‘what’s next,’ you have definitely offered up a blessing in your words today.

  • Chris,
    YOU are awesome! Thank you for sharing. As Aren said, it felt a bit like a breakup even though it is obvious that it was for growing type opprotunities.
    Are you on Sticher yet? I did a search but didn’t see you. Would love to get you on my favorite list.
    Looking forward to learning from you as you excel in your new adventure.
    Good to have you back buddy!

  • Brian Hosan

    My first thoughts when I knew you had left Dave Ramsey was, “who is going to host the EntreLeadership Podcast?!?” But then the simple reality hit me: this dude is totally practicing what he is preaching. Thanks for your inspiring example to follow your passions and do work that matters. Blessings brother! (and thanks for the Mr. Miyagi/CLo Paraphrase last week on my comment here on your blog… It has “tormented” me in a good way and you can anticipate some action on that in the near future!)


    Col 3:23

  • Chris, this was terrific! Not only you telling your story but the last 5 minutes of encouragement. When God calls us from here to there but we don’t see how to we are going to get there, the reminder to keep talking to God is much appreciated today! I know He see’s the path and He’s got us! Thanks Chris, truly thank you.

  • Darami2

    Chris, this was terrific! Not only you telling your story but the last 5 minutes of encouragement. When God calls us from here to there but we don’t see how to we are going to get there, the reminder to keep talking to God is much appreciated today! I know He see’s the path and He’s got us! Thanks Chris, truly thank you.

  • Johnny Lee Phillips

    Hey Chris! Thank you for what you are doing. Your words always inspire me. I am in that time of waiting/transition and sometimes I have no idea what to do. But I do “it” anyway because I know God wants me to. I trust in Him. I thank God for using you in a powerful way. I hope someday that I will talk with you in person. Maybe a life planning session? Who knows? Lol. Have a blessed day my friend! :)

  • Jill Boorman

    Chris, I am SO proud of you for following God’s lead! You will be richly blessed. I loved your story! Thank you for sharing it!

  • Shannon

    I remember when I first heard you were leaving. It was at Ramsey money seminar and after I asked one of the guys where you were that’swhen he told me you left to go pursue your dream. My heart sank and lifted at the same time. I am so happy for what you are doing. It’s hard to leave to go into the relative unknown. Thank you for your words each week!

    • Crud…is that something in my eye?!?! LOL Thank you Shannon. That just lifted MY heart!

  • arch1960

    Chris LoCurto, dude, you’re a ROCK STAR, wherever you are!

  • John Brune

    We’ll said! Excited to see what God does through you!

    • Thanks John!!

      • Sherry

        Chris-I agree with John!…well said. Keep listening to God, you can do all that “He” has in mind!

        • Sherry

          …”Standing on the shoulders of Giants…”

  • Kenny

    Chris, I was certainly among the many who wondered what caused you to leave Dave’s team. While you certainly didn’t owe any of us an explanation, I appreciate you telling your story, especially delivered with such transparency and grace (2 of the marks of a great leader!). Well done and keep up the great work!!

  • Wow, that was something! Thank you for sharing that Chris! I’m sure everyone is going to love hearing all of that!

    I can’t imagine how difficult it was leaving that situation. Most of us know you through Dave, so it’s pretty awesome to know that you are still friends.

    Of course, it would be really cool if Dave would do a little guest interview on your Coffee with Chris podcast. I’m just sayin’. ;)

    We know you will do great things! Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Aren Daniels


    Thanks for sharing. I remember the day I saw that you were no longer working with Dave. I thought to myself, “Man, for some reason I feel like my girlfriend just broke up with me. Why? What went wrong? Entreleadership podcast will never be the same. My life is going to fall apart….” It wasn’t really that dramatic but I’m really happy to hear that you took that leap of faith and that you are following God’s plan for your life. Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”


    • Very well said Aren!

    • Thank you Aren!! It was like I broke up with MY girlfriends as well. :-) (I doubt Dave would like that analogy.) And thank you for the amazing words. God’s Love is more than I can fathom!

      • Aren Daniels

        Your wife and mine probably wouldn’t care for it either!