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Chris LoCurto


December 14, 2012

Win Chris Guillebeau’s The $100 Startup!

December 14, 2012 | By | 59 Comments">59 Comments

Soooooo…I posted the extended interview with Chris Guillebeau…but didn’t include that fact that I’m giving away free copies of his book, The $100 StartupYep…I’m a dork!

So I’ve included the post again, but added the information below on how to win.

This weeks Extended Interview is with Chris Guillebeau, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller, The $100 Startup. Chris answers your questions about entrepreneurship and how so many have become successful starting with almost nothing.

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If you would like to win a free copy of Chris’ book, you must first:

  1. Leave a comment below by answering the question.
  2. Fill out the contact form. Don’t put your mailing info in the comment.
  3. Tweet a link to this post. Click to Tweet. If you don’t have Twitter, you can use Facebook.

I will pick the winners on December 21 based on the promotion of the post and comments. If you are selected, I will notify you by email. Thanks everyone!

Question: Why would you like The $100 Startup?

  • Luis Hernandez Jr.

    As an area Chamber of Commerce, we are always looking to surface impact-full educational opportunities for members. 60% of our membership base is comprised of Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners that could benefit from access to this type of material. After taking part in the podcast, I truly believe that there are some really great “Nuggets” and Lessons to be learned from Chris Guillebeau & the $100 Start Up Book! I am personally interested in receiving the book to become a better educated leader in the community. Thank You

  • Abraham E Sue Lee

    I am a loyal podcast listener since the beginning and I have learned a lot of day to day applications from your guests and Dave Ramsey’s team. The book “$100 Startup” seems to provide small business like myself more “real biz experience” on how to increase productivity and leadership. I expect to learn a lot from this book if I win it!

  • Rob Davlin

    I am in the ‘practice’ phase of the transition toward my dream job and have been doing things for 100% discount (i.e., free.) I could use this book to learn how to bootstrap my way toward profit and get the boat closer to the dock so I can jump, and catch fiberglass. are a collection of group-based activities and adventures that inspire new ways of thinking.

  • Thomas Cotton

    I would love the book because I am constantly coming up with new ideas and directions for different businesses and would like to Discover the the process and principals of the $100 Start Up. I have decent Ideas but have been told that for the kind of investment that is involved it might not be worth it.

  • Hazel

    I would love to win this book because I need some inspiration and motivation. Listening to the podcast intrigued me. Since I got laid off last month, I am eager to boost my freelance career full-time and I believe this book will help! Thanks for reading!

  • Jay H

    Chris, I have been listening to your podcast on Entreleadership this summer and trying to incorporate the lessons with my high school students. The majority of my students come from broken homes, poverty, and seemingly no hope situations. This book could show them how they can change their lives and future!
    Thank You for the helpful insights each week!

  • David A Specht

    Thank you for the interview. It was great. I have a son who just graduated high school and really doesn’t know what he wants to do, although he knows he wants to make a difference. I plan to share this interview with him. It might give him some inspiration that it doesn’t take much to “get started”

  • Trevor Acy

    Great interview as always. I recently was doing work for a startup that did a lot of these things wrong. Failure is a great teacher but I hope to avoid the same mistakes when it is my business

  • E. Jake Gamble

    Success leaves clues. Courage believes in hope. Hope believes in the man with little. Give that man a $100 idea that may change his life and it probably will! I’ll read the book and pay the knowledge forward!

  • Courtney White

    Thanks for the podcast and the book opportunity. You’re super generous! Working in the non-profit world, I am learning the value of championing vision and the value of people in making the vision a reality. I would like a copy of the $100 Startup so I better understand the principles of starting and sustaining a business over time and to dispel the myth that you have to go into debt to do so. Thanks again :)

  • ThatGuyKC

    I would like a copy of Chris’s book because I’m trying to launch a new business on the side to encourage and equip good men to be great husbands and fathers. I want to do it responsibly without going into debt and feel like Chris’s book will go a long way to providing wise guidelines to follow.

  • Chris Johnston

    I frequently share ideas with people. Many are looking for something that they can do on their own to either fulfill something in their life or to take on an entirely new career destination. The book would be a great tool for a quick answer/idea or to provide a catalyst for something similar. And at less than $100 the cost of entry barrier doesn’t become an issue. Thanks for the ongoing podcasts and extended conversations.

  • Kirk Blake

    I want to help my brother see his ideas come to life,

  • Meg

    Hubby and I have been brainstorming a business idea for the past few months. This book would help it to come to fruition. (If I dont win, I will get the book anyways. :-) )

  • Josh

    I am thinking about starting a business and would love to read about how to start one with little upfront cost.

  • Ricardo Butler

    Hey Chris talked about some kind of information that he had on his website. I can’t find it. Did anyone else find it?

  • Ricardo Butler

    I would like the $100 start up to know what to first start using the $100 for. I think I started with just $80 and that was for the domain name and web hosting. I should have used the other $20 for Aweber. lol!

  • Mark Livesay

    My wife and I were at the EntreLeadership Performance Series in Nashville last week. YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB.. We have already implemented so many things we learned and thanks for spending some time talking to us about our event and running stores. I listened to four of our Podcasts yesterday. The book will just give us another extension to the program and you did say leaders need to read more… Thanks Chris

  • JohnWaldo

    Loved the interview. As a new start up business, would love to get the book!

  • DebbieB

    My husband and I are in the process of trying to open our own business. I will devoure the book. Gleaning the experience from successful people is the perfect ingredient to the startup receipe.

  • Mike Messina

    Thanks for the podcast and the interview. I am interested in this book as my wife is in the process of starting up a business right now and I am definitely interested in doing it in the most economic way that we possibly can.

  • Janie Propst Budnick

    Appreciated Chris G’s comment that you should “listen” to what other people are asking for. Not so much from Chris L’s perspective of being considered an “expert”…but that you never know where ideas and opportunities might come from. I recently met a guy that had difficulty finding someone to re-screen the windows at his home…and now he has an active business doing just that. He saw a marketable need and filled it. Chris G’s book would provide a fresh look at opportunities…how to see them and act on them.

    • Chris LoCurto

      Is this a slam on me?

  • kevin williams

    I would love a copy of $100 startup because the concept is amazing and liberating. To know that I can start a simple business that experiences uncommon success is inspiring. I want to learn how to create value in the marketplace.

  • Jon Stolpe

    I think the book would be helpful as I pursue utilizing my own platform to support missions opportunities. I’d love a copy of The $100 Startup!

  • Chris Hughes

    I would like a copy so I can better plan my next startup. I have started several businesses in the past, but all have started out in debt, I’m tired of trying to play catch-up before the business can grow-up.

  • Wade Thorson

    Thanks for the interview and the opportunity to win the book. I have thought about becoming an entrepreneur but haven’t come up with that brilliant idea for little or no investment. I could also see this as a good opportunity to help develop my kids in the area of business and management. Being they are homeschooled it would be good training for life on starting a company with such a little investment.

    • Mark Livesay

      Wade sometimes the price of admission is what keeps the competition away…

  • Mark Sieverkropp

    PS…In the words of one of the great poets of our day…”Guess who’s back?? back again?? [Skropp’s] back, tell a friend!” ;) missed you guys.

  • Mark Sieverkropp

    You know Chris, I’m always up for free stuff, but I bought this book MONTHS ago, so I think you’ll just have to give it to someone else :) It is fantasitc book and those who dont get a free copy, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing it!

    • Lily Kreitinger

      There you go. consider it a part of your start up cost ;0)

  • Blake Harrell

    Trying to start up an software development company with two people. This is the way we HAVE to start. Thanks for the information!

  • Eric Odorczyk

    Being a dork is fine as long as you eventually remember. That’s how I won the last book giveaway. Thanks again!

    • Lily Kreitinger

      You won by being a dork?

  • Ian

    My wife and I are both trying to start up our own businesses/organizations. Hers, cute clothing for babies and toddlers, and me, an online fundraising tool to help people in need. It would be great to have this book to give us insights into what we can be doing to get our passions off the ground!

  • Tim Hardesty

    Based on EntreLeadership and Chris Locurto Podcasts, I started a business this year for $0 and have already netted a few thousand dollars. I would really interested to learn how much I could make with $100 of startup money.

    • Ricardo Butler

      Never mind. I found it.


    As a college student with a whole life left to live i feel as though reading this book would provide me with many new ideas I would have never thought of before. I also loved the interview.. Keep up the great work the podcast are awesome!

  • Barry Thompson

    As a Manager of a Team building company, we don’t hire, we contract. But we always try to find ways to help build up our contractors for success. In turn we find creative ways to partner and bring invaluable programs to our clients. After listening to the interview this would be a great resource into our shared library.

  • Jared Doran

    I am looking to change my current position in life. I also loved the interview!

  • Colin Krieger

    I am always looking for new ideas and new inspiration, and a way to teach my team that you don’t need to borrow money to start a business.

  • pclarkson

    My mind can’t even comprehend a $100 startup. I’d love to read and approach it from his point of view.

  • Todd Liles

    Because anyone can take a $100 risk.

  • Aaron Owens

    I am a $100 start up, however, I did so out of necessity and not from being prepared. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that I make a good technician but not a business man. Over the last year I have been taking in every word of every interview you have and have been putting it to use. I have already been seeing tangible results coming from it. Though I have already spent my $100 and have started several years ago, I would love to read Mr. Guillebeau’s book. I am stepping back and rebuilding, I can use all the material I can get! Thanks!

  • BeckyAnnDavis

    Loved the interview! I started my own business for $100-$150 last summer. I would really love a copy of Chris’ book. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  • Jim Ryan

    It was a great show. I need guidance in helping my partner who is in the process of taking her hobby (yoga) and turning it into a business. She has less than $100 to get it done. (maybe less)

  • Tamara West

    I would like the 100 Startup book to be able to put into practice all the great material I have been learning from listening to Chris LoCurto and all the Entreleadership podcasts! A small investment that can yield big results. Thank you!

  • Joshua Rivers

    If you’re a dork, I guess that would make us “Little Dorks”?

    I would like a copy of the $100 Startup so I can brag about it like a sore winner. Not really. I would love a copy so that I can get more information and ideas about how to take an idea I have and turn it into an income source. The practical information is great because I don’t have much money to start with!

    • Joshua Rivers

      I guess this is also a hint that I should listen to the podcast again! *arm twisted* :)

    • Lily Kreitinger

      Ha ha. Little Dorks. You made me laugh Josh.

    • Mark Sieverkropp

      That was great Josh! I dont think I appreciate the short jokes though…

  • Brian Cain

    I would like the book because I am venturing out into the world of entrepreneurship and would love to have a guide such as this to help me get underway in the proper fashion.

  • Jen McDonough “The Iron Jen”

    Christ, what a TREAT it was to hear this interview. It not only was informative, but gave me HOPE that becoming an entrepreneur CAN be done.
    MANY thanks for the great podcasts!
    p.s. you are NOT a dork, however, IF you were, you would be the world’s most loved Chris LoCurto Dork.

  • Bret Wortman

    Both this book and “The Art of Nonconformity” are wonderful. I highly recommend them both.

    • Mark Sieverkropp

      and who exactly would take YOUR recommendations??? (uhh, me! and any other smart person!!)

      • Bret Wortman

        Ahhh, I get it. The shoe’s on the other foot now, eh? ;-)

        • Mark Sieverkropp

          hey, I took your last recommendation! And I’ve recommended that book to like 3 people now!

          • Bret Wortman

            What book was that again? SFSD?

            • Mark Sieverkropp

              that is the one…