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Chris LoCurto


July 5, 2011

Worst Sales Pitches

Ok, afternoon quick question. I want to know what you have heard for worst sales pitches. Lately I’ve noticed at Walgreen’s that if I go in to buy….I dunno….band-aids, the cashier will say something like, “Do you need any chocolates to go with that?” Now that I think of it, yes, chocolates are a great compliment to band-aids. I actually asked one of the cashiers once if that up-sale worked and she said, “mmmm, no.”

In restaurants I usually ask the waiter/waitress what is their favorite thing in that restaurant to eat. One time, when asked, the waitress said, “I don’t eat here!” Oh…well….now neither do I.

So let us know your favorite worst sales pitch. Click comment below.

  • Louise Thaxton

    My new sales and marketing person and I were having lunch when an acquaintance of hers walked up to the table. As he left, she casually called after him……”…..Send me some business – we need your business!”

    I was AGHAST! I took a deep breath, and then carefully explained to her that OUR “need” would NEVER be a a reason for someone to choose our company for THEIR needs. People make their choices based on THEIR own needs – not the “needs” of a mortgage company. I further told her that her future clients NEEDED US (they just didn’t know it yet)! We offered excellent client care, great rates, and low closing cost – but NEVER would we been “advertising” and using the “sales pitch” – ” ….we need your business….”. It will never work!

    I actually shared this event with our pastor. I think that sometimes small churches do the same thing. They “need” more members – I mean 20% of the people are doing 80% of the work – WE NEED MORE WORKERS! But the truth is – those people out there NEED Jesus – they NEED the church!

    Just a thought …..

    • Chris LoCurto

      Good stuff as always!

  • bill

    I stopped for lunch at a place that said world famous subs i sat at the counter and the cook ask what i wanted. I said give me a meatball sub and he said O you don’t want that trust me.

    • Chris LoCurto

      HAAAA!!! Next question, where should I go instead of here?

  • Andrew Chapman

    I’ll admit it… one of the worst sales pitches I’ve heard came from.. myself. I was waiting tables in college and a customer asked me what I thought about a certain entree. My reply: “I don’t really like that dish.” My boss found out and was quick to call me out at the next staff meeting!

    • Chris LoCurto

      Nice! I think we’ve all had them. I know I have, I just couldn’t remember one. :-O

  • Jana Botkin

    When I am on hold waiting for customer service on the phone, Fakey-Recorded-Voice asks me to press a certain button to hear about specials – ARE YOU KIDDING?? You think for one second I want to buy something else from you when I can’t even find a person to correct a problem with the first thing?

    • Chris LoCurto

      Yeah, no doubt. Just take care of my first issue. :-)

  • Munsy

    I was with a buddy at the Sears scratch and dent center when the salesman worked so hard to sell the extended warranty (while at the checkout counter) that he actually convinced my friend that it wasn’t worth the risk to even buy a fridge from there in the first place.

    • Chris LoCurto

      HAHAHA….nice work!