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Chris LoCurto


June 20, 2017

Your Personal Plan To Become Your Strongest Self

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“I was living at 50%. I was scattered, all over the place…really trying to please people, not focused on the right things, and doing a lot of things “average,” instead of great or excellent.”

Todd is a dad of four, the president of a large family business with 130 employees, and he is also friend of mine. A year ago he was overwhelmed…

He was trying to be the best at home, in business, in the community as a friend. He started to become tired, worn down, and scattered. He felt good about himself by pleasing others and not letting them down, not realizing he was getting my worth from that. That’s not where worth should come from. There were a lot of lies going on in his head…

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Here’s how Todd got past trying to please people, overwhelm, tiredness, not feeling like he was accomplishing what he needed to… Listen here:

Here’s what you can do this week:

Learn more about Next-Level Life. Talk to us and see if it’s going to be an incredible fit for YOU.

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