133 | 10 Warning Signs of Toxic People

I see it everyday… great people who are allowing a toxic person to control them, abuse them, and manipulate them. In this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, we’re going to dive into some warning signs of toxic people, and what we can do about it.

This is serious folks…

The reality is that quite a few people listening to the podcast and reading this are either in a toxic relationship, or are actually toxic themselves.

So while we’re on the subject… be aware that you “may” be one of them.

Here’s a few of the warning signs of toxic people we cover on the show:

  • They have a big need for control.
  • They tend to be dishonest.
  • They are abusive.
  • Typically they are disrespectful.
  • Beware of their manipulation.
  • They try to intimidate with power or money.
  • Victim Mentality
  • Hostility

Remember that I want you to be the healthiest person possible.

Use this episode to gauge toxicity in yourself AND your relationships.

Toxic people are always looking for someone to control. Beware!

What has been your experience in dealing with a toxic person?


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4 thoughts on “133 | 10 Warning Signs of Toxic People”

  1. Wow. Really good information. I’ve tried to make it my goal this week, while with extended family, to identify these things & set appropriate boundaries. Very tough. Yet, my goal is freedom. Thank you for podcast.

  2. Victim mentality is so dangerous to be around. The constant message is that everything is impossible, everybody is out to get you, and there is no hope in trying. When you do take steps to improve the situation they do their best to hinder you because if you succeed it invalidates everything they say. It is a self fulfilling prophecy.

  3. I can’t even begin to say how many toxic people I run into everyday in the office so much so that unintentionally, I can honestly say that I’ve become one of them, and still become one of them at times. I try to counter being toxic by trying to stay positive and always looking for the bright side of any situation I get involved in. Great read as always Chris!

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