141 | 18 Habits of Mentally Strong People

Have you ever noticed that really successful people have a different mindset? Do you wonder what they do to stay mentally strong?

This is the stuff that so many people avoid doing, or have no clue that they should be doing.

I’ve unpacked 18 Habits of Mentally Strong People…and we’ve created a free download for you with all 18 habits!

Don’t just stop at the download…I unpack the how to, and explanation of the 18 Habits here:

4 thoughts on “141 | 18 Habits of Mentally Strong People”

  1. I thought this was a fantastic episode Chris! I *may* have listened to it twice today… The point about having a positive attitude was good since I value that quite a bit and especially notice it when I’m surrounded by those who are more negative. There were quite a few I resonated with, so thank you for compiling these for us so I can mull them over and think about where I could keep growing!

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