193 | 3 Things to Tackle When Starting a New Business

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That feeling of “I want to do more, I need to do more, I think I’m a little bored…” is a mindset for so many entrepreneurs. This feeling can get you into a lot of trouble. 

Today we dive into the details on what it looks like to pursue a new business or opportunity to serve, and stay balanced in the key areas of your life. There are three steps to tackle in making that business idea or new passion a part of your life!

Disclaimer: You cannot remove too much energy from what makes you money. When you remove energy from the money maker, it begins to die. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Don’t miss this entrepreneurs! You do not have to tackle every great idea.

What you’ll discover from our conversation:

  • Three things to tackle before diving into a new venture
  • Setting up for a successful transition
  • How to keep energy flowing in your business
  • The process you can walk through to prioritize opportunities for work and service
  • Marketing tactics and must-do’s for a new business
  • Keys to success in a new (potentially large) market
  • Gaining perspective on what’s truly realistic for your passions

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