214 | 4 Examples Of Everyday Leadership In Action Part 1

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Your growth as a leader starts right now, and requires you to show up everyday. 

Today we are talking about how leaders are dealing with mistakes from team members, failure, personality styles, and values every day.  We have three VERY special guests on the show today. Our clients and friends are giving their perspective as CEOs, Presidents, and entrepreneurs on walking out next-level leadership.

This episode is all about our clients who have been with us for years, giving you the unscripted answers and stories on how they’re leading their team members to success. We dive into:

  • How to lead by personality style
  • Vulnerability in leadership
  • How to handle team member mistakes
  • Addressing failure and its impacts in business
  • Leading and hiring based on values and motivators

To hear about greater performance using personality styles, listen here:

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To hear about handling team member mistakes, listen here:

[jump to 37:00]

To hear about their experiences with vulnerability on their leadership team, listen here:

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To hear about dealing with failure, listen here:

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