402 | The Leadership Success Path

We see a lot of business leaders and owners throughout the year. Many get stuck not knowing where they are in terms of a leadership process; the majority don’t know what to focus on next.

Have you ever been there? You get thrown a book that has a 30,000 ft view of what leadership

looks like, but there’s nobody coaching you along a path, no one walking with you step by step.

Where there’s no comprehensive process, there’s usually something in the organization NOT

getting addressed, and it causes leaders to stay at the same level – stuck in the very same rut.

As a business leader, you’re probably looking to create change, and you’re asking things like:

  • “Where should I focus that change”,
  • “Where are my energies best spent?
  • and “What should I be doing next?”


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Chris LoCurto


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Today on the show, we're gonna walk you down the leadership success path that is coming up next.


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Welcome to the Chris LoCurto show where we discuss leadership and life and discover that business is what you do, not who you are. Welcome to the show, folks. And it is we are in the beginning of 2021. So hopefully, I don't know, I always feel like I have to enunciate the T's in there 2021. But for some reason I do 2021. Hopefully, your year is starting off, well, hopefully, things are going better than maybe you've experienced in the last nine months or so. I am personally just reflecting a little bit on all of the clients that we've been blessed to serve over the over the years, and how amazing it's been, we've seen a lot of leaders and business owners and many of them get stuck, you know, not knowing where they are, in terms of leadership processes, and very few This is one of the this is one of the things I love. I know this probably sounds bad. But you know, one of the gifts that God's given me is to lead people to success. And one of the areas that people usually struggle with is what to focus on next. What do I do? You know, I, I know what that's like, I remember my early days of just keep doing the same thing over and over again. And you know, and expect that things are going to grow and get better and, and problems will go away and all that kind of stuff and not really knowing what do I do next? Well, that's one of the things I love helping people know where to go next, what to focus on learning the things of how to fix their business, fix their leadership, remove obstacles, get the stuff out of the way that's holding them back. And so maybe you've been there, you know, you a lot of folks, you get thrown a book that has a 30,000 foot view of what leadership looks like. But there's nobody coaching you along a path, there's no one walking with you step by step looking at every facet of the business. Same thing with most events out there, it's it's one and done. Right. One of the mandates that we've had in this business for the last seven years is that we don't just give 30,000 foot view information. The stuff that we give is deep, it's tough to follow, but it man, it makes you successful, because there's so much to it right? Well, there's no comprehensive process, then there's usually something in the organization not getting addressed. And it causes leaders to stay at the same level, or stuck in the same rut, let me kind of say that, again. If you don't have a comprehensive process, that's discovering things that are holding you back that's showing you things you've got to work on that's pointing you in the right direction, then there's a really good chance, there is a lot of stuff, not a little, there's a lot of stuff that's not getting addressed. And unfortunately, it keeps leaders and team members stuck right where they are. Now you might have that, you know that one off shoot that just goes ballistic no matter what. But it's not just straight willpower or talent, that causes a business to be successful, right? It's getting all the stuff out of the way that's holding the business back from being successful, that really helps you to grow well. And when you keep leaders without having good processes and and, you know good understandings and and you know, deep information on what to do not just this 30,000 foot view of, Hey, this is what a great leader looks like. Now how do I get to be that great leader, then what, then what happens is they get stuck in the same place, they stay at that same level. And if that's happening, then I can tell you something else, that's pretty darn bad, there's probably not a level of accountability, that's discovering it, there's probably not a level of accountability, that's helping them to move past it to grow. My job here is not to find my team being stuck, and then point out that they're stuck. My job is to find out every single thing that keeps my team stuck, remove it, help them to grow, and push them to be the ones that discover those things in the future. So as a business leader, you're probably looking to create some change. You're probably asking things like, Where do I Where should I focus the change? You know, what should I put it on? What should I if I'm going to change something? Where do I start? You know, how


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do I how do I make sure I'm going through the right stuff? You're probably asking, Where are my energies best spent? Chris, I hear you talk about, you know, delegate the stuff off your plate that you shouldn't be doing. So you could lead people to success. Well, what does that look like? Where should I put my energies? You're probably asking the question, what should I do next? Guys, that is not uncommon, that is most people listening to the show right now. So if you're looking for a path to follow a process to work through, that's what we've got for you, we're gonna be talking about that today, we'll get into those three main steps that every leader must take along the success path. And here's a great thing, guys, we have got a downloadable PDF of the success path that we use in our next level mastermind group. To help people showing them the journey that they're going to be wanting on this thing is, it's pretty intense, it's got, you know, it's got, we've got five different major levels inside each major level, we've got multiple topics and things that we're pushing people to get successful on. So here's what we're gonna hit Today, we're gonna hit three pieces inside of three levels. So inside the three levels that we're going to be talking about, there's 1-234-567-8910, there's 10, different topics of things that we teach on to push people to success. So inside those three levels, we're just going to hit three pieces. And it's going to be fantastic stuff for you to start on today. But get the PDF, download this thing, right. So we will have links on the website, we will have a link in the description if you're listening to iTunes, and I'm going to speak like actually know what the heck I'm talking about. Somewhere on there. If you press my head up, or something like that, then with all of the information on this episode will be a link for the downloadable PDF. So get that done, if you're not driving, download that now. And and you can follow along as we talk through this kind of stuff. But this is a path that we help business owners and leaders to become successful, to move towards freedom and to move towards abundance and to get away from, you know, survival mode and scarcity mode. So if you've ever been there, if you're there right now, and you're looking for, hey, I want to get to that direction of freedom and abundance, that fantastic. That's our goal. We're going to help you with some of those pieces when we come back right after this. Hey, leaders, what does this past year taught you? for many of you, the events of 2020 opens your eyes to core challenges and struggles that are deep within your business. I'm sure we can all agree that business as usual, just won't cut it this year. But as a leader and a business owner, you may not know where to go from here. So I'm here to tell you that it's time to make a change. As a leader, it's time to pour into your business and your team. By learning and implementing new core skills that will make an immediate impact. It's time to sign up for the next level leadership live event this April. This event is tailor made for small business owners and leaders just like you, helping you to move forward even in a climate of fear and uncertainty. This is not a positive thinking session. But a strategic thinking workshop chock full of insightful teaching and impactful learnings that's going to equip you to return to your business and your team ready to implement and immediately impact their growth and stability. tickets to the next level leadership live event are available right now at a special early bird rate. Go to Krista kirtle.com slash live event or text live event one word to the number 44222. For more information and to get your tickets again, that's Chris locurto.com slash live event. It's time to change your business and your leadership for the better. Don't miss it. All right, today we are talking about the leadership success path which shows leaders all the right priorities. Let me say that again. Circle highlight star that word right there. Yes, I know you don't have a workbook in front of you the right priorities by which to succeed and the right order in which to proceed. This is the path that we use to guide all our clients. So it doesn't matter whether they're in coaching if they're in group sessions, or or if they're in events. This is the stuff that we teach people to make sure that they're heading in the right direction.


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So many leaders come into the process going I don't know what to do next. You got to help me, point me, tell me where to go. Great. That's exactly what we've got. We're going to talk about that today. So the first level that we're starting on is the keys to start. This is what we call the keys to start level and this has got multiple different aspects inside of it. One of those aspects we're going to touch on is something You have to fix and get going in the right direction right now, what is number one? Number one thing you need to focus on is belief. You have to get to a place of understanding that the belief system or systems that you have, are the very systems that you are basing your decisions on. Now, folks, that may sound Well, no duh, that that's obvious. Chris, I want you to hear me say this, again. The decision making process that you have is coming from the belief system or systems that you hold as a leader. This happens to be some of the biggest issues that we see inside of businesses is that the decision making process is focused on things that are hurting the business that are hurting the direction that are that are affecting the outcomes that are affecting how people are set up for success. Right? So many times what we think is true or factual, is the stuff that can actually be incorrect. What am I talking about? Every single time we do strap plant every single time, every time we do a brand new one. Now, we companies come through multiple times. But every brand spanking new strap plan, the biggest number one issue, guys, I've been doing this for decades now. leading business owners and leaders. The number one issue inside of every single business is a lack of high levels of quality communication. Let me say that again, every business. So if you're sitting out there, and you have the same thought in your head that every leadership team has coming into this building, which is Oh no, we have great communication. Now we do a great job. Every business walks in this building, saying that very same thing we believe so I asked them on the opening dinner, we do a dinner the night before we start the week, the week is about a four and a half day weekend, four days with an opening dinner. And I'll ask the leadership team at that dinner. Hey guys,



how's your


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how's your communications that have been? Oh, we're we're pretty good. We're pretty solid. Unless they listen to one of these shows where I talked about this, then they actually know where I'm going. They'll be like, we're pretty solid. Yep, we're goodness. Oh, okay. rank your rank your communication on a scale of zero to 10. And so quickly, the answers are almost always the same sevens and eights, sevens and eights, sevens and eights. Every single time. And then I just leave it at that I don't talk about anymore. I'm just we're opening up or discussing things or getting to good information. And what I'm drawing out is their belief systems. Right? What I'm drawing out is something that is causing them to make decisions inside of their business. What is it, we communicate really well. So there's no need to fix anything, there's no need to communicate better, there's no need to discover new ways. There's no need to focus on, you know, leaning in people's directions. Now that stuff's important because we do a really good job. Then we come in the next morning, and depending upon the size of the leadership team, the size of the business, it's either a half day or a full day, just focused on communication. And what we discover is because we're you know, it's one thing to tell all businesses, you're struggling with communication when we can work on you one on one, you know, dig in and see the things that are actually happening. It's amazing the stuff that comes out, right? It's amazing the things that we discover whether it's coaching strapline, next level mastermind doesn't matter. If we can dig into the business, we can help you to see things and here's what happens every single time. Every time at the table. Leaders put their heads in their hands going, what the heck. We thought our communication was was excellent. We thought it was great. And what they see is after hours of us digging in and pulling things apart, they're like, we suck that's literally what we hear the most people go we suck it's like, you know, you know, completely suck. But we have things to fix. Guys, this is holding us back. We have this belief system that we don't need to work on our communication, Chris, we got this. Everything's great. We're sevens and eights. And somewhere around midday or mid afternoon, I'll ask the leadership team. Hey, do me a favor. Rank again what you think your your level of communication is your quality of communication is on a scale of zero to 10 every time twos and threes. Every single thought Why? Why does it drop? First off? Why is it a seven or eight because we convince ourselves our belief system the stuff that we that we make decisions from The stuff that we convince ourselves is true. It's factual, we have great communication, then you sit down with somebody who helps you who's been working with businesses on their communication for decades. And what we do is we help people to see all those areas that nobody's ever taught them. All those areas that's holding them back, all those things that aren't working well. And belief system changes. They're able to see facts, they're able to see perspective, that's not just their own. And it changes the way they look at the most important thing inside of their business, which is communication. If you don't have quality communication, it affects everything, I don't care what you do. I don't care what you sell, I don't care how you present it. If you don't have high levels of quality communication, it's absence thinking literally holding you back, why am I going down this path, there are things that you need to discover, that are in your belief system or systems. Most likely, I'm going to change the term a little bit. Now, most likely, these are limiting beliefs. Most likely, these are beliefs that limit you, that limit your team that limit your business, because the beliefs we usually have, especially when it comes to limiting beliefs. So is, hey, our communication is phenomenal. A limiting belief? Absolutely it is, of course it is. Because then you're not doing anything about it. But that's not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is the beliefs that limit you like scarcity? Well, there's not enough, there's not enough clients out there for us to go after there's, there's not enough money for us to make this happen. There's not enough, you know, product for us to, we got to go get more we got to go attain more, we've got to do more, we've got to prove to everybody, this scarcity mindset that says we have to constantly be going after this, because there isn't enough.


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Because there is a lack of money, a lack of opportunity, a lack of skills in my own self and my team, we've got to keep cramming down, you know, 47 books a year that are all 30,000 foot view pieces of leadership, because somehow that's going to change everybody. And then they're going to be phenomenal, right? This scarcity mindset versus an abundance mindset. What does it look like? scarcity, as I've just pointed out, says, There's never enough. What is the abundance mindset look like? What is an abundance? belief system, there's plenty. There's plenty out there. There's plenty opportunity. There's plenty of people, there's plenty of money, we've got to use the right systems to go get it. We've got to use the right processes to go make it happen. But we're not going to freak out. We're not going to lose our minds. We're not going to stress out, we're going to do the things that are right, that help us to go get the thing, the stuff, the sale, the client, the team member, whatever it is. So if you find, and you'll probably if you think about it for a couple of minutes, you'll find scarcity mindset pretty quickly. If you find that that tends to be a struggle, that's a belief system you have that's a limiting belief system. Another limiting belief is survival versus freedom. Oh my goodness, folks, listen. I am somebody who has survived many times in my life. There are many times in my childhood in my late teens and my adulthood, that I've had to survive situations. Here's what I want you to hear. And if you know somebody who claims that they are survivor, point them to this right. Don't be a survivor. Don't be proud that you're a survivor. It is one thing to have survived things. It is a whole different thing to be a survivor. Do you hear what I'm saying? It's a belief system. And it's a limiting belief system. What is it? It is me saying that I am a victim to the things that have happened in my life. And I have to keep surviving them. I'm a survivor. Something else bad is gonna come down the pike and I'm going to have to survive it. What happens when you have this belief system, you do not focus on something way more important, and that is thriving. You don't focus on the freedom of moving forward in getting well out in front of anything that's gonna cause you to have to survive. Does that make sense? When you have a survival mindset, you're waiting for the next shoe to drop, you're waiting for the next thing to go wrong, you're waiting for the next attack that creates you as a victim that create that turns you into a victim. Instead of and listen, I'm telling you, I've had to be a survivor at times. But I have been pushing since I was a teenager, to get well beyond any survival. In my I'll also say probably in my, my 30s, I probably pushed too far, and went, you know, success was so important to me of making money and, and building things and all that kind of stuff that I put my head down. Big mistake. So I went the opposite, you know, as a pendulum swing, I went the opposite direction. Praise God, he pulled me right back to what thriving looks like thriving is that I'm not gonna live in a world waiting for the next thing to go wrong. But it also means that I am not going to set my focus on my worth is in what I attain. So folks, if you are surviving 2020, as we turn the corner here, if you're surviving, the the way that the world has affected your business, if you're surviving your marriage, if you're surviving relationships, if you're surviving, you know, personal attacks, then that means that you're limiting yourself, you're not spending time getting way out in front of that kind of stuff to thrive. When you do that, it leads you to an amazing place. And that's freedom.


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Where you have the freedom to not be waiting for things to go wrong, or you have the freedom to move the chess pieces around the table around the board, where you have the freedom to make things happen, or you have the freedom to, you know, get enough ahead that you can, you can rest a little bit you can settle a little bit and be a little bit more calm, where you can spend your time focusing on the right things that help you to set up systems have success and team members have success and or money is not an issue. And problems are not an issue. All those pieces only come when you change your mindset. When you change your belief system. When you learn how to go and listen, it's not easy. I can tell you it's a process of shifting from survival to a freedom type of mindset, belief system, it's a process and you need some guidance on that. But if you stay in that survival, then I can promise you you will never be the leader you are meant to be. You will never be the business owner, you're meant to be in your business and team will never be what they're meant to be. Another belief system we get stuck in all the time is the lies that we tell ourselves. The lies that we hear the lies that we believe the lies that we don't fend off with the truths. So what's another belief system, we've got to change, we got to change the belief system, that the lies that we tell ourselves are true. And we need to bring actual truth to our mind. What am I talking about? Many of you out there are thinking you know, man, I'm, I have to take personal responsibility for every single thing inside of my business. It's so great. Yesterday, we're we're having our staff meeting. And a teeny tiny little problem came up somewhere where one of our team members was pointing it out, speaking to another team member, and this is the way my brain automatically works, my brain automatically goes into Okay, how do I fix that? Right? We're so many people go into crate, we have another problem. My brain goes into how do we fix that. And I love watching my team, because the team member who's sharing this information, which happens to be also my daughter and who's phenomenal and amazing. She goes so let's do this and this and I'll get this information to you speaking to the person that she was speaking to. And I'm just sitting there and I go, gosh, I love these guys. Right? Because they're not limited in their beliefs. Oh my gosh, we got a problem. This is gonna, you know, throw a wrench in everything. This is gonna bring us to a screeching halt. They just fix it. They don't live in the lies. This is going to be a problem. I don't live in the lies. Oh my gosh, I gotta take personal responsibility for that. I don't even touch it. I don't even have to touch it, it doesn't mean that my brain doesn't operate the same way. It's always operated, which is how do I fix that? It's great that I sit there and I watch leaders and team members solving problems, that they're not stuck in the lies. Another line you might be telling yourself is I'm going to fail so, so I should avoid doing x, whatever the thing is, I shouldn't do that. I'm afraid of failure, I'm going to be a failure. If I do this thing, I'm going to fail, I'm going to, I'm going to upset somebody I'm going to lose worth people are going to judge me, all of these are just a couple of things. I'm I know, I'm probably, you know, hitting some things that you've said to yourself before. What's the truth? Let me tell you a great truth about failure. Failure is a fantastic teacher, for the person who's able to receive the teaching, you are going to fail, there are thought leaders out there that tell you failures, not an option. That's not a great thought leader don't follow that person, at least not on that advice. Folks, let me tell you, if you're going to do anything, if you're going to move anything, if you're going to make anything successful, failure is inevitable. It's going to happen. The key is in the truth needs to be in your mind. Yeah, I'm gonna fail somewhere. And I'm going to learn from it, and I'm going to fix it. And then I'm going to teach other people how to fix the same thing. I'm going to show my team, I'm gonna guide people, this is what we do. I'm gonna go into teaching mode. I'm a leader, I'm supposed to teach people, whether it's team members, children, spouses, whatever it is, learn from the failure. Phase fail, you're gonna fail when it comes along. Go into not the horrible belief


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system mode of I'm a failure liquid, I screwed up, oh, this is terrible, anxiety, depression, everything, instead, go into Okay, well, I failed at that. I screwed that up. Now, what do I do? How do I fix this? How do I move forward? Those are just some examples of the importance of having the right beliefs, the right belief systems, and the ability to continue moving forward in the right direction. All right, number two. So we're going to step up to the next level. And we're going to pick one of the important things out of the second level. And the second level is ongoing habit formation. And I can't tell you enough how important creating good habits are there, we're probably going to do an episode here, coming up soon on willpower. And there are some great studies about how willpower is actually limited. You know, so many of us, especially if you're a leader, or a business owner, so many of us think, Oh, I can do this off of sheer willpower. Body, let me tell you, I have learned over my 50 years, that you are limited with your willpower, you can only do so much. And if you keep relying on it, then guess what you end up focusing on not putting in good systems, good habits, you don't create the things that create processes themselves, you don't create the habits that create the processes, you don't create the habits that cause things to work by themselves. I'm a big muscle memory type of guy, if I can get something put in place, and I don't have to worry about it. Fantastic. Let's go. Let's rock doesn't mean I don't check on it and make sure that it's still working. What it means is, is that I don't have to spend time focusing on all of my abilities to do this thing over and over again, let's put something in place. One of those things is consistency. When you have the right belief system, well, let me just say it this way, whatever belief system you have, is going to create your behaviors it's going to guide you and how to behave. So in other words, if you have a belief system that says, you know, I'm a survivor, I have to be a survivor. Guess what your behavior is going to be? I'm always going to hold back because I'm waiting for something to go wrong. So if you are going to be successful, you have to create consistent habits, consistent behaviors, consistent beliefs, the more that you do the right beliefs, it will yield the right habits. Let me say that again. The more that you focus on the right beliefs. Let's go back to the communication piece, right. If I believe that my communication is phenomenal inside of my business, and I am not willing to even, you know, challenge my own belief, then guess what I do, my behavior is built on, I don't need to do anything, communications great, we rock, we're amazing. Keep going. That's about it. However, if I have a belief system that says, Hey, man, you better check this, you better find right ways to put this in place you better, you better, you know, survey this, find out how it's going, see where things are falling apart. If I have that belief system, then it changes my behavior, I step out and make communication, a phenomenal focus. I do the things to make it great if accountability is my issue, and by the way that your number two issue inside of your business lack of accountability, if my accountability is not great, then I know that I recognize that I don't try to convince myself it's, you know, phenomenal, the best on the planet. I go in and fix things, I make them better, I make them better. The great thing is, is if I have great belief systems, then it changes the way I behave, I start to build all of my behaviors around the correct belief systems. The more I do this, the better credibility I have with my team with clients with vendors. The more reliability I have, the more reliability my team has, the greater and more improved results. My business has. Think about that. Right beliefs leading to right behaviors lead to improved results. What does that mean? You get more done with less. you accomplish more, with less, you're able to help more people with less people.


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Why? Because they're doing the right things, they have the right behavior. So you've set up the right pieces of success inside of the business. What are those? You know, what are some of those improved results? Think about it. When you have the right beliefs, you have the right behaviors because of consistency, you're creating good habits, then you begin to do the right steps and growing you as a leader like delegating tasks, and doing it properly.


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Not the crappy way that 98% of people do it. But instead learning how to actually delegate and set people up for success. How about stepping up to lead people? One of the big issues that we see as people come into the program is Chris, I hear you talk about delegating tasks, but if I delegate them, I won't be needed. No, no, no, no, no, you're absolutely needed. Let us teach you how to lead people to success. Because guess what being stuck in 100 tasks in a day doesn't make people successful. It just gets tasks done. And then what do you need the people for? Instead, back up,





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teach guide? Question, hold people accountable. Right? Take a look at what they're doing. See what's holding them back, see how you can make them more say you know, how we can show you how to get those things done. But you can't do it. If you're stuck in that mindset that says, I've got to be the one doing all the tasks, you change your belief system, you change your behavior, you change your focus, that changes your results that changes the results of your team, your business. How about having tough conversations? If you have right beliefs, and you have right behaviors that go along with that, then you don't have the fear of going into tough conversations. Instead, you already understand you have the tools saying okay, here's how I have this tough conversation. Here's what I do here. Here's what I'm looking for. Here's the healthy boundaries I'm gonna put in place. Here's the things that are gonna help me to be successful with this tough conversation. Yes, ss. Yes, hi sees you. I'm a very high s. I just use the stuff that we teach. And it works. That doesn't mean that I like conflict. I hate conflict. I don't like conflict. It sucks. I just don't allow it to control my belief system. And I don't allow it to control my behaviors. Instead, I consistently if I see something that needs to be done. Well, if I have to do it, then that's it's probably something big. Usually I'm seeing something and pointing to my leaders and going Hey, what are you going to do here? How are you gonna solve this? How are you gonna fix this? How should you look at this? What do you see? So a great thing is is that when you have right behaviors, it changes the way you have tough conversations. Another thing is setting big goals, guys, I can promise you if you have limiting beliefs If you are struggling with limiting beliefs, scarcity, mindset, survival mindset lies, you don't have good consistent behaviors, consistent habits, setting big goals just isn't. It's either not happening, because you don't want to look at it, or you set it and the whole time you go, we're never going to hit that, we're not going to hit that that's not going to work out, we're not going to get there. And then when you get to the end of your time period, you go, Well, this is what we were able to do. And here's the 700 excuses why we couldn't get there. When you fix the other pieces, setting big goals is fun.





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Because you know how to behave in the process. You know how to lead people to conquering the goal. You know how to help people be successful with the goal. So when you focus on consistency, guess what you get to help your team with consistency. When you focus on right habits, guess what you get to help your team with right habits. We just LED, one of my team leaders just led her team through which is mainly dominant C, high C personality styles through we do internal strap lands a couple times a year here, and lead her team through this process which allowed the team to be stretched, but also given vision and direction for people who need vision and direction which we all need that. But especially when your your dominant personality style is C you want to be able to see where are we going? What are we doing? What are we trying to accomplish? So guess what if you're somebody who leads CS, or maybe you're a high C yourself, when you put consistency in place, guess what it does to the heisey, who doesn't like change,



that allows them


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to settle down into knowing and understanding. This is what we're doing. This is where we're going. These are my responsibilities. These are the things I need to knock down. And it helps them to become successful in their position. All right, we're gonna come back with the third thing you need to be focusing on right after this. Hey, folks, here's the deal. Every business has a culture, but are you leaving yours intentionally, or settling for whatever comes in the door. If you're finally ready to create the company culture you've always wanted, then you're gonna want to sign up for my free digital video series, creating a culture of champions, I will personally guide you for 10 days to get clarity on the culture you desire, and lead your team to embrace it, you can sign up at Crystal kirtle.com slash culture lesson again, if you're ready to make a change, sign up for my free digital video series creating a culture of champions at Chris locurto.com slash culture lesson. All right, we are back. And we are walking through three elements of the leadership success path that we use to help people become successful in their business. As a leader, you can download the success path leadership success path that shows all the information of how we help people to go from scarcity, survival to freedom and abundance. All of that you can do it on our website, you can do it. If you're listening on, you know, your podcast app, then in the details should be the link to that PDF, as well. And we're now stepping into the third level of the leadership success path. And that is lead yourself. Now this has got a bunch of phenomenal stuff to help people make sure that they're leading themselves to success. Some of these, we're actually going to be teaching at the next level leadership live event that's coming up here in a couple of months. Key result areas where successful leaders spend their time





Chris LoCurto  39:03

properly. All those fun things we're going to be teaching and not only that, but we're going to be going doing deep dives into what do you do with this? So we're actually going to have breakout times where you're going to be able to sit down and focus in some of these areas of Well, how do I create successful carriers, all that kind of fun stuff. But today what we're talking about is one of the most important things for you to do to lead you. If you can lead yourself in this area. Then you can start letting other people in this area as well and that is eliminating fear. Folks, this is a time this is a time where man there's a an abundance of fear. It is almost become now I'm probably going to offend some of you and I'm sorry if I do. It is almost become a virtue, to be fearful. It is almost become if you're not fearful of what's going on, then you're a horrible part. You're not virtuous. Folks, we have a lot of stuff going on in this world right now. And we have a whole ton of people screaming, that you should be fearful of it. There is that Listen, I, it doesn't matter which side of the virus you stand on and your belief system. Here's what you have to see. What are the facts? Is it a crappy virus? Absolutely. Have people lost their lives? Absolutely. Is it tough on you, if you catch it, and you have, you know, immune disorders apsis thinking lately, and yet, the survivability rate is 99 point. Plus, I know it's at least a 99. Five, in, I think latest reports, it's even higher than that. Here's the problem. The problem is not that it's a terrible virus, not that it affects people. It's the amount of people who are losing their minds with fear over it. Hear me on this, if you're somebody with, you know, jacked up immune system, go ahead and have a smart level of fear. Don't go around people who might have the virus, if you're somebody who's 65 Plus, and possibly are going to be, you know, struggling with it, if you catch it, don't go around people who might have the virus. Those are smart things. Those are smart precautions. But here's what we are seeing. The fear that is screaming shut down the world, allow people to lose their livelihoods, allow businesses to go under, allow people not to actually get out and live, lock yourself in a room. Don't do anything. And by the way, the higher ups that keep preaching this message, keep breaking their own message. But we see all of this fear that says, you're going to be the one who causes all these people to die. And listen, if you want to lock yourself up into your house and lock everything down. That is your prerogative. But this concept that fear has become a virtue is ridiculous. If you're not fearful, you're not virtuous. I'm so afraid, I have virtue. Look at me. I'm calling people out because they're not doing the thing that I think they should do. Look at my virtue. To understand what I'm saying here. Fear has almost become a virtue cred. For a lot of people who don't have a moral belief system, it actually is, it has become a virtue. Folks, you have got to get free from the paralyzing effects of fear on your leadership, on your business on your team, literally, about a week after Corona hit. Literally that week, after I sat in a staff meeting and told my team, we are not going to be afraid. Folks, we are not going to be afraid of this. We're going to make smart decisions. We're gonna do what is right. But we will not be afraid. And we're believers, we understand that. We have a God who actually owns the universe. He's the one who actually created it. He owns us, He made us. He knows exactly what's going on today. He knows exactly what's happening. He knows about the virus. He knows the actual facts about the virus. He's God,


Chris LoCurto  44:02

right. So the first thing that I focused on was teaching my team we're not going to be fearful. The great thing is, I have a team that went Yep, that's exactly how we feel. We're just glad to hear you say it. My next focus was taking my leaders, especially our leadership development team, and pointing them at guiding our clients to not be fearful. We said Okay, guys, we're gonna come together and do a big zoom call. We had a bunch of people that showed up, and Chris is just gonna dress you and what's the first thing I dressed fear? We will not be fearful, folks, if you are fearful, guess what that's going to run through your business. You cannot lead being fearful. You cannot guide and direct what you can. You're just gonna get the results of exactly the behavior that you're taking on. Right. So think about it. If we are fearful if we are being paralyzed, what's happening to our leadership, what's happening to our behaviors, what's happening to our belief systems, what's happening to all the things that we're talking about today, you can kind of see the path where I'll go and get you. You got to get the right beliefs, then you got to get the right consistency. And then you got to get rid of fear. Right, you've got to do these things, so that you're moving in the right direction. And until you do, you will never hear me say this, you will never operate at a higher level as a leader. Fear will always drag you down. Fear will always keep you lower on your ability, your capacity to be a leader. Why? Because it controls your thoughts controls your actions. It controls how you lead. It controls what you tell people, every single bit of it. So if you have fear, then your decision making process is going to be based on it as well. You can operate with less fear when you've changed beliefs and habits. It's not only a limiting factor, it's a debilitating factor. Think of fear is something that is literally taking away your ability to lead well, to huge fears. One of the biggest, one of the biggest fear of other people's opinions. If you are worried about other people's opinions, oh my gosh, my team probably thinks I'm a failure as a leader. They may. But here's the funny thing, if you're worried about it, I guarantee you they will write because what's going to happen, you're going it's a self fulfilling prophecy. Another big fear, huge fear when it comes to leadership, the fear of failure. The fear of failure is massive with leaders. Folks, listen to me, self fulfilling prophecy. The more you fear failing, the more you're going to set yourself up to fail. I don't fear failing all the time. Trust me, I just don't, that doesn't mean that things don't crop up. I just beat them down really quickly. Does that mean that I don't ever fear failure? No, that's not true. But I just don't live in that. I use the tools that we teach and I get get past it. Because if I live in that I surely can't do all the things that I'm supposed to do to lead this team to success, this business to success that helps you lead your team to success. So if you lead and manage yourself better, guess what, you're going to be able to lead other people better, you'll have those phenomenal moments, when you're watching your team process through and walk out the very things that you would do as a leader above them. Man, that is a happy, happy time. That for me is such a blessing. I love it. I love watching my team do stuff that I don't even get involved in that I don't have to. We had a team member Come on as a intern. And in the early days, she would ask me questions. She's like, Chris, can you tell me where this is? And I'm like, I literally can't. Can you? Can you tell me where this is in Dropbox?


Chris LoCurto  48:44

I actually don't know. And after a couple of times, I'm like, hey, this and I wish I had the answer. No, I don't. I pay people to have the answer. I need you to go to them. And talk to them. It seems like Chris should know everything inside of the business. But if I do then what in the world do I need my phenomenal leaders for? There, there are things that happen inside of this business. It's nothing crazy huge. But there are things that I just don't need to know about. Why? Because I've done a phenomenal job setting up people to be fearless. Right to be focused on the right belief systems to have the right habits, the right consistency. I've been spending my time leading other people to success so that they can lead other people to success. If you can do these things, if you can get started on these right now. You can start changing and moving you in the direction for for everybody that's out there going What do I do in 2021 focus yourself on the leadership success path. Focus on doing the things it takes. Don't wait for somebody to come along and make it happen for you. Don't Worry about a book that gives you a 30,000 foot view on what leadership is get your butt down into the right details and start knocking these things out. These are three things, just three elements of a large process that will lead people to success there. So you can get the download again, just click on the the information, you can get the PDF. But folks, there is a phenomenal event that's coming up next level leadership live event, get your butt to it. Make sure that you're attending this event, get the right information, especially the stuff that we walk you through implementing the pieces while you're there. It will change your business. This I can promise you How can I promise this because the people who come back year after year after year, they keep having those changes. It keeps helping. So get your butt to the next level leadership live event.



All right.


Chris LoCurto  50:57

Hopefully this has helped you today focus on the things that we've talked about. Make sure that you've got the right belief systems. Make sure that you have the right consistency. Make sure that you're getting rid of fear as fast as you possibly can. If you can do these things, you can move yourself in the right direction to your success. As always take this information, change your leadership, change your business, change your life, and join us on the next episode.

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