457 | Removing The Cringe Factor From Tough Conversations

As a leader or parent, are you more apt to avoid, rather than engage, in tough conversations with those you lead? Well, you’re not alone! In fact, you’re actually pretty normal.

Do you realize that the majority of leaders (and parents) have never been taught how to take on difficult conversations? And certainly not with much tact, grace, or courage!

So, what usually happens? Well, to be blunt, a train wreck happens!

There’s often a collision of wills, a battle to be right, and a lot of fear present. Every leader knows that having difficult, but necessary, conversations is a complicated task.

When you consider how much is going on at once, it can be a daunting task to sit down and have that “little talk”. Think about it:

  • There’s fear – first and foremost
  • There’s risk – of things going badly
  • There’s discomfort – it feels like conflict
  • There’s pride – especially with big personalities
  • And a lot of emotions – it can feel pretty intense

Things can get complicated quickly. But what’s really behind all that tension? What’s the real goal anyways, and how much control do you have over it?

That’s what Director of Business and Leadership Coaching Aaron West and I sat down to discover on today’s episode!


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