458 | 3 Ways Leaders Hold Themselves Back

Hey leaders,

Are you holding yourself back from realizing your true potential?

You’ve probably heard the Latin maxim, “know thyself”, well in the ancient Greek it literally meant to “know thy measure”. What’s your measure, what are you made of, and where are you coming up short?

In today’s episode, Joel Fortner, VP of Leadership Development & Next-Level Life Facilitator sit down to talk about three ways in which leaders can overestimate their measure with regards to leadership, and in so doing hold themselves (and those they lead) back from success.

Ironically, all three ways we discuss today center on the self. It’s about how we think about our own capacity and how easily we can be fooled into thinking “we’ve got this” when we really don’t. There are some bad habits that we all curate that can inevitably lead us astray.

So, don’t miss this episode!

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