460 | Learning To Lead Yourself Before Others

Self-assessment time! Are you a driven leader?

With most driven leaders, what often gets neglected are those soft skills that focus on different personality styles, creating culture, and especially the deeper, personal work that needs to be done inside the heart of a leader.

– Joel Fortner, VP of Leadership Development

These skills are necessary not only to be successful and to sustain that success, but to lead others well all along the way. So, how are you doing with that?

In today’s episode, we tackle how leaders need to learn to lead themselves before others!

Enjoy this episode,

1 thought on “460 | Learning To Lead Yourself Before Others”

  1. Those leaders who might believe they are not that way, that they cannot do the things Chris is teaching, because that is not who they are and they need or want to be able to do things their own way… ways they think they are more comfortable with… quite frankly, I believe that would be like going to a Marketing seminar and saying, I can’t market that way. That is not me. That is not how I do things. Really? Then why are you here if your way is working so well for you? The fact of the matter is, Chris know’s what works and he knows what does not work. There is no better teacher than the school of hard knocks, right? The next best teacher is to learn from someone who has been through those hard knocks. The way I see it, you can choose to do things your way, and continue struggling to get where you want to go, OR you can learn how to step outside your comfort zone, and expand your boundaries to reach new heights of success you did not know existed. Nothing that is worthwhile comes easy. If it was easy, then you’d have to wonder if it was really worth while. And if you are going to grow and become better than you were, you have got to be willing to humble yourself and make an effort to do what does not come easy. You would expect the same of your team members. Right? So why does that not apply to you as well? Do you remember the saying attributed to Albert Einstein about Insanity? Which is doing the same things, the same way over and over and expecting different results. If what you are doing is not working, you have got to learn how to change and do things differently. I believe if you take Chris’s counsel and advice to heart, it might be uncomfortable at first, but if you persist and persevere, as any entrepreneur needs to do, then each of us have got to learn how to do things differently to get where we want to be. 🙂

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