463 | Rational vs. Irrational Thinking

The complexity we find on the inside of us can lead to confusion between Rational vs. Irrational Thinking.

Inside of every human there are trillions of cells and synaptic connections, billions of neurons, a million moving parts, and then thousands of thoughts and feelings passing through our heads every day. On top of all that, our experiences, traumas, and relationships all affect our thinking, feelings, and habits.

With all that going on, isn’t it possible that some of what we’re thinking, feeling, and even suffering at times could be a little bit off-base or even irrational? How would we even know? I mean, have you ever wondered:

  • How can you make sense of what your feelings are telling you?
  • How can you know which feelings to respond to or to ignore?
  • And how can you know what a level-headed response is?

On today’s show, the difference between rational and irrational thinking: where reason and logic intersect with fear, emotion, and imagination.

Enjoy today’s show!

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