466 | Three Rules For Eliminating Distraction

Three rules for eliminating distraction, sounds a little too good to be true, right?

We’re in the third and final episode of a fun, new mini-series with one goal in mind: you. We think you’ll enjoy the new format and interaction, but more importantly you’ll get to listen in on the reasoning (and debate) that goes into some of the core principles that we hold to in our businesses.

One of the keys to becoming a successful leader is to not get Bogged Down In Tasks, but this is easier said than done. So, this time around, we’re tackling The Three Rules for Eliminating Distraction: is it a pipe dream or an actual possibility?

Do you ever feel like that? Some days it’s easier to get bogged down in doing tasks than to pull back, disengage, see the big picture, and focus on what really matters, the necessary now. So, what are some things holding you back from setting appropriate boundaries, redeeming lost space in your routine, and saying “no” to things that are neither healthy nor productive?

Follow these three rules for eliminating distraction!

Enjoy today’s episode,

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