469 | How To Start Getting Others To Follow You

You want others to follow you, right? But, how do you get them to start?

I mean, maybe you’re a leader, but who’s following you? That’s the age-old question, right? Because, as the saying goes, if no one is following then you’re not really leading.

Leadership is something we talk a lot about around here, but many struggle with how to begin attracting the right followers and cultivating new leaders.

On this How To episode, we’re going to get into what it takes to get others to start following. This can even be tough for those already in leadership positions!

A lot of leaders struggle with the difference between managing those “under” them and leading them to execute with excellence. Getting others to take ownership of their area, and to actually grow in their capacity or role within the organization, is the job of true leaders.

Getting others to follow you starts with becoming a leader worth following. There’s no way around it! But, here’s the paradox. While you’re leading others, the focus has to be on them!

I hope today’s brief talk spurs your ideation and directs your attention towards getting others to follow you and leading them well!

Grace and peace,

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