470 | How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

Are you your own worst critic? We can experience judgment and criticism from other people, but sometimes we can be pretty harsh to our own selves! Can you really break the cycle of habitual self-criticism?

Today, we’ll continue our special “How To” mini-series where we’ll deal with a single topic and go as deep as we can in just a few minutes. This time around, we’re dealing with the judgment and criticism that comes from within.

We’ve all been there: nit-picking and critiquing every little thing that we do or say. Self-loathing is an easy trap to fall into, especially when we spend too much time on “social” media platforms.

We can quickly find ourselves comparing ourselves to others and complaining to ourselves. Self-berating, self-defeating, and self-loathing statements quickly follow.

It’s a tricky trap to get out of. While it’s healthy to have a level-headed, and even humble, view of ourselves, we are often our own worst critics, which can lead to unhealthy behavior!

What do we do if we take self-inspection too far too often? That’s what I’ll unpack today.

Enjoy today’s episode,

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