471 | How To Stop Seeing Through a Negative Lens

Ever feel like you can’t shake the negativity? You’re not alone. Many people look at life through a negative lens.

Today, we’ll continue our special “How To” mini-series where we’ll deal with a single topic and go as deep as we can in just a few minutes. This time around, getting rid of all that negativity.

It’s not just about keeping your chin up and putting on those rose-colored glasses. No, instead, there’s a deeper work that needs to take place.

But, you can leave the negativity behind you, it’s just got to be unpacked a bit first. Breaking free from those self-defeating mindsets starts with recognizing them for what they are: the lies we tell ourselves.

These lies are painting a false picture of your current reality and distorting your future possibilities. So, let’s make it a point to not allow the negativity to blind us to the good things that are all around us!

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