473 | Prioritizing Grace In The Workplace

Have you ever needed grace? If we’re honest, we all have. Unfortunately, Prioritizing Grace In The Workplace isn’t always at the top of a leader’s list of things to do.

But, how much is too much, and how far is too far? Especially, when you’re responsible for a team member who just can’t get their act together. I mean, there are limits, right? And, what about accountability?

It sounds really black and white, with an easy solution. The truth is that leaders often struggle in the tension between leading others to success and managing a team member’s behavior.

This can be a confusing and even emotional distinction to make. The truth is that making grace a priority doesn’t mean sacrificing other values, like integrity, excellence, honor, and accountability. However, it does mean that we’ll have to lead at a higher level than other leaders.

On today’s episode, find out how you can prioritize grace in the workplace, while leading your team to succeed in business and in life.

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