476 | Three Rules For Really Forgiving Others (And Yourself)

Were you ever told as a child, “just forgive them and let it go!” Sage advice… that’s much easier said than done! But, how do we get there? Don’t you wish there were rules for really forgiving others? Would you follow them?

It can be really tough to forgive. Anger, fear, judgment, pride, defensiveness, ego, and the pain of past traumas are just a few of the things that we wrestle with when it comes to forgiving other people.

In fact, nearly every Next-Level Life event, including the folks that we coach and counsel to any level of depth, hits on this topic of forgiveness. Especially when we start looking at relationships, they usually go to how a friend or family member has wronged them. These kinds of things come up all the time. There are things that that people just can’t get past for various reasons.

Why is that? Our Root Systems can get bogged down and overgrown with the weeds of unforgiveness. It can take a lot of time and effort to get the garden of our hearts cleaned up and growing healthily again! 

So, how do you really forgive someone else and maybe even yourself?

And what do we do about situations where we don’t feel like we can (or perhaps don’t even really want to) release the other person? Aren’t we just setting ourselves up to be hurt again if we give up the offense, the bitterness, and resentment?

On today’s show, we’ve got another episode in our Three Rules series, as I’m joined by Joel and Brian to discover three helpful rules for forgiving others. 

We’ll explore, with humor and hopefully humility, a topic that for many people could be one of the biggest obstacles holding them back from the happier, healthier life that they really want. Don’t miss it!


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