478 | What Happens When … Leaders Love What They Do?

Can you tell the difference between people who love what they do, truly passionate, and people who are just passing time, and waiting for the weekend?

Well, of course, you can! And so can your team members.

Maybe you don’t love every little task that you do, but there are probably things that you do enjoy, that are fulfilling and that no one else can do quite as you can. 

King Solomon, often referred to as the wisest man who ever lived, explained God’s plan for mankind engaging the work that He’s given them to do… and actually enjoying it!

“God gives people the ability to enjoy the wealth and property He gives them, as well as the ability to accept their state in life and enjoy their work.” (Ecclesiastes 5)

Have you ever felt tension around accepting and enjoying your work? If you’re struggling in your role or with your tasks, then there are going to be negative signs that others can see and feel.

On the other hand, leaders who love to show up every day, who give themselves to what they’re doing, and who embrace their jobs wholeheartedly will create a truly wonderful workplace.

Today, you’ll discover what happens when leaders love what they do. Enjoy this episode!

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