482 | How Not To Take Things Personally

“Don’t Take This Personally, But…”

That sounds like good advice, right, to not take things personally? But is it even possible? Here’s the problem, we tend to look at things going on around us as if they’re actually happening to us. 

Especially when we’re struggling emotionally, when we’re stressed, or feeling down we can be quick to play the victim card, and slow to take responsibility for our part in things.

Have you ever felt like a punching bag?

To make matters worse, there are all kinds of things from our past, events and trauma buried deep in our Root System, that can come back up to the surface when we get “triggered” by reminders. In an instant, a specific wound or situation from our past is re-lived.

Then, along comes someone with a little critique, a correction, a reprimand… and snap! Have you ever been there? Have you ever taken a healthy criticism poorly? Well, here are some indicators that you may have taken it personally:

  • Your self-worth felt jeopardized
  • You retreated into victim mentality
  • You held onto it like it was an insult
  • Felt like your character was being attacked
  • Your mind couldn’t let it go. And why is that?

Taking things personally creates a negative feedback loop that’s tough to break out of.

A defensive posture, being constantly on guard, and wary of the intentions of others are all indicators that you feel “under attack”.

Open-hearted and appropriate

Ideally, we should take a more objective stance; one that’s open-hearted and appropriate to the situation we find ourselves in. However, our knee-jerk reaction is quick, and it’s usually an under or over reaction. But, what if we could respond in a healthier way?

Can we actually learn to NOT take things personally? Is it possible keep a steady balance, an open mind, and an objective perspective? I think so; listen to find out why!


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