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What are the processes that are holding your capacity captive?

The Other Guys

Well, we’ve all encountered roadblocks like these with “the other guys”. Their policies or procedures kept them from serving well and winning with clients.

Here’s an all-too familiar scenario. The person on the other end of line or behind the plexiglass partition, a person responsible for “serving customers” and resolving problems, says something to the effect of “No ma’am, I’m sorry, that’s just not our policy, or I can’t help you with that, or no we just don’t do things that way.

If you’ve heard that before, then I imagine you probably didn’t feel well served or like your problem was even acknowledged, much less addressed. So, whatever happened to the idea of customer service? Well, it can quickly get overruled by processes.

In general, businesses should be trying to offer products and/or services that help to resolve the problems of others. That’s like Marketing 101, right? They should exist to make lives better, easier, and more enjoyable. But, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Feeling Stuck and Frustrated

How do you feel when you encounter policies and procedures that render that product or service useless to you? You might feel stuck or like things are beyond your control. Sure, no business can please everybody 100% of the time. However, feeling frustrated, with no appeal process or oversight, is definitely not where businesses want their clients.

Also, they’re likely to avoid using that business’ products or services in order to eliminate that frustration in the future.

Where Are Your Processes Unhealthy?

Now, let’s turn this table around and change our perspective a bit. Where could your policies, practices, and procedures be holding your capacity captive? One of the biggest reasons that your business gets stuck is that its processes are limiting your growth and ability to scale. It could also be keeping your team from doing more and succeeding!

So, it’s time to take a good look at how unhealthy policies could be holding your capacity captive.

I hope you enjoy this episode!


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