485 | Three Rules For Changing Your Financial Trajectory

Changing your financial trajectory sounds good to a lot of people. Why is that? Well, it can be easy to feel stuck or even out of control when it comes to finances.

In fact, a lot of people report feeling blocked  financially. According to a 2020 survey from Prudential, nearly half of Americans report “feeling stuck” when it comes to their financial situations.

It’s like saying they’re blocked and unable to make a change to their fiscal trajectory. That can feel really hopeless!

Have you ever found yourself thinking “maybe I’ll always struggle, or I’ll always just be getting by”? Maybe you’re wondering if that new business venture will ever turn a profit. We’ve probably all been there, at one time or another.

Whatever the feeling, it’s not a pleasant one. So, what do you imagine is currently holding you back from getting unstuck? What’s standing between you and gaining some momentum? What do you need to do – or do differently – in order to reach your financial goals? 

  • It could be that debt that you just can’t seem to get rid of
  • Maybe you feel like you’ll never get the traction that you need towards your goals
  • Is it that dreaded budget conversation with a spouse or business partner that you don’t want to have?

Whatever it is that’s holding you back, I promise you that there’s a way through the decision-making maze to get you where you want to go. So, don’t let a sense of helplessness or hopelessness keep you from making the necessary changes. On this episode, we’ve got some practical tips to help you change the direction of your finances!

Sometimes, even just a helpful, little nudge can go a long way towards making that dream a reality. In this episode, Joel, Brian, and I discuss three rules to help nudge you – or push, if necessary – to getting unstuck and on your way today.


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