489 | Developing Your Personal Growth Plan

You were created to grow, thrive, and flourish, which makes developing your personal growth plan part of pursuing your purpose!

You weren’t created to barely get by, wander aimlessly through life, or just maintain the status quo. In fact, that’s contrary to your very design! 

In fact, when we’re not doing what we’re created to do, fulfilling our God-given purpose and growing into what He created us to be, then we’ll have a hard time enjoying life to its fullest. 

Viktor Frankl said, When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure. But, that pleasure is often temporary, and serves only to distract us from purpose. 

But things like joy, fulfillment, and growth are not necessarily easy to find. In fact, obtaining a deep sense of purpose takes time: it takes deliberate effort and developmental growth. It takes finding the right habits, the right influences, and the right environment to flourish.

Growth is one way that we connect with our significance and worth as a person.

Self-worth, or feeling valuable, is a core human need. That’s why we talk so much about worth and significance on this show. We all struggle with this at some point in our lives. But,  as we’ll discover in today’s episode, fundamentally, a person’s value gets assigned to them by their Creator. 

Today, we want to dig into the soil of one of your core needs: to grow, thrive, and flourish as God created you to. And the story of our growth as human beings began in a garden, long ago. 

In that garden, God gave Adam and Eve work to do, things to enjoy, as well as things to avoid. Gardens are messy and take time to cultivate, but there are rich rewards for those who do it! 

John Maxwell says, Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better. We can probably say this too: if we choose not to grow, then we’re guaranteed nothing will get better! 

So, join me in doing the hard work of developing your personal growth mindset!

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