491 | Risks & Rewards: Communication

How would you rate your team on communication? Your answer to that question is likely based on one thing. That is, how well you balance the risks and the rewards of communication. 

The Myth

Maybe your initial reaction would be something like, “Oh man, our communication is fantastic!

You’d think, Well, we have lots of communication going on all the time. Yeah, that’s not exactly what we’re talking about. Consider this:

Many times, leaders and their teams think they’re doing great when it comes to communicating with each other in the office. What we discover though, after a bit of digging, is that most are seriously mistaken!

So, let me push a bit deeper on this. Are you communicating to your colleagues and teams in a way that brings clarity, unity, and growth to your business?

Ah, maybe that hits a little closer to the mark?

The Reality

Now, let me tell you what we’ve discovered. After having hundreds of leaders and their teams in our offices year after year, we’ve asked them all the same questions.

I can tell you that what generally passes for  “good communication” in most businesses is not. It’s just a small fraction of the quality and the quantity that it really needs to be.

In fact, after carefully looking at team dynamics and interpersonal communication among leaders and team members, do you know what we find? We find that quality communication is a huge, missing piece

Relaying vital information in a meaningful way, or in other words, quality communication, is essential to your team’s health and success.

It empowers your members to take ownership of their work. That right there would be a huge step forward for some teams! But, not only that, it also helps them remain accountable and get moving forward with excellence.

High levels of quality communication can easily become your team’s greatest asset. However, a lack of great communication – and at high levels with regular intervals – can absolutely be your greatest liability as a company.

The Risks

I can’t emphasize this enough: the number #1 issue that we see holding leaders and teams back from greater unity and growth is too little high-quality communication. 

So, let me push on this piece from a different angle. Where communication is concerned, what’s holding you back from greater clarity and perspective?

There are several reasons that leaders tend to get blocked in this area. Complaints such as fear, anxiety, stress, poor internal processes, and the Leadership Crazy Cycle are among the constant culprits. 

With so many things that can go wrong, including a loss of unity, erosion of culture, and followers getting offended, communication is tricky to master. Most leaders pull back from it, instead of pushing into it.

Communication, we discover, is a seriously risky business!

If we’re not pursuing excellence when it comes to communication, then we’ll never experience the truly great rewards that are waiting for us (and our businesses).

The Rewards

Greater unity, growth, and job satisfaction are just some of the benefits that are waiting for you!

On today’s show, we’re going to take a deeper look at communication and try to solve this dilemma for leaders and team members alike.

It’s worth the effort, I promise you.


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