492 | Why Can’t I Just Use A Job Description

You probably use some kind of Job Description in your recruiting and hiring processes, right? 

But, what are you using in order to keep your team members on track once they’re on board

Maybe you’ve had your folks ask questions like: “Am I doing a good job”, “Am I doing the right things”, or “What would you want me to do differently”? These are great questions!

But what they indicate is that your process is missing something important. Enter KRAs.

Maintaining excellence, holding folks accountable to goals, and coaching them towards higher performance require something more than just task lists and project assignments.

That’s why we talk so much about KRAs, or Key Result Areas. In fact, we do tons of coaching and training along this line in order to help leaders discover the benefits of this tool.

So, from time to time, we like to revisit this topic and tease out different aspects that we haven’t covered before, as well as help people see what they’re missing out on.

KRAs, which are sometimes referred to as Key Responsibility Areas, is a huge asset to leaders wanting to create a high-performance culture on their teams. But not only that!

While KRAs help defines goals, they also provide the means to measure them. Remember, goals must be actionable, obtainable, and also quantifiable. That’s where Job Descriptions fail.

Joined once again in the studio by Brian, we take a look at some of our own client’s questions and comments about using KRAs on their teams. We also address this question head-on, Why Can’t I Just Use A Job Description?

What we discover may surprise you! Especially as we dig into the benefits that leaders receive from having to think through the vision and goals for each team member’s role. 

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