493 | How To Really Connect With Your Clients

No matter what industry your business is in, you’ve likely got customers or clients that you have to interact with. But, how do you know if you’re really connecting with them?

Do you know their needs, wants, or desires? Sure, maybe you do your fair share of market research, but do you have a connection with your clients that goes beyond the statistics? 

Have you developed a relationship, as much as possible in your field, that helps you intuitively anticipate their needs, even their motives, for buying your products or hiring your services?

For some business owners, a client can become little more than a number; a means to a profitable end. Well, hopefully profitable. But, in our experience, this approach backfires!

If you’ve ever found yourself seeing clients this way, then it probably wasn’t too long before you discovered that the ends don’t justify the means, at least not in the long run. 

Your relationship with your customer is the primary lifeline you have to a healthy and profitable future. 

Here’s the deal: no matter what business you have, what product or service you offer, “You are in the people business”, first and foremost. 

So, how do you create a culture of consistent care for clients in your business? And how can you effectively communicate that care – through your team – to your customers?

On today’s episode, Joel and Brian take a deep dive into the motivation and methodology behind developing a stronger connection with your customer.  

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