497 | Lies Villains Tell Themselves

How has examining victim mentality changed or challenged your thinking? Exposing the lies and combating them with the truth will help us to live a life that’s healthy and full of meaning. Victim mentality is one way we can rob ourselves of that better life.

And while we’ve probably all “played the victim” card – more than a few times – it can be really tough to see when we’re being a bully. Now, you may be thinking, but I’m a nice person, I’d never hurt a fly… Well, let’s walk through this a bit.

Everyone goes through seasons in life when insecurities drive them to make poor choices, lean into others, or even push them around. We’ve all been there, especially when we lose our sense of worth or we wrestle with unhealthy behavior patterns.

Think about it. No one is immune to the weights, wounds, and disappointments of life. 

  • Have you ever put pressure on someone else to get your own way?
  • Have you ever used emotions, words, or actions to get others to conform?
  • Have you ever uncovered someone else’s weaknesses in order to hide your own?

I’ve said this before, without examining our lives, thoughts, and actions, our tendency is to get stuck in harmful and distorted thinking patterns. Without even realizing it, we might even be harming others to get what we want or what we think we need.

Today, we expose the other side of Victimhood by looking at the lies that Villains tell themselves. 

Don’t be afraid to uncover the truth, look at yourself in the mirror, and take the necessary steps to change for the better. Your life – that better life you’ve always wanted – is waiting for you. 

And, I can tell you that your relationships with others will benefit as well!

Enjoy today’s episode

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