149 | 5 Essential Leadership Questions


We just wrapped up our Next-Level LIVE Event for our Coaching and Mastermind clients (we open some seats to the public and they go quickly!) and it was AWESOME! We have three events scheduled for next year.

This is where our clients come together with like-minded individuals to grow their leadership, their business, their team, and strengthen their community!

While the teaching is always powerful, (eh-hem…duh!) the greatest comments are usually about how wonderful it is to get out of their businesses and usual circle of influencers to spend time with people who are experiencing EXACTLY what they are in business!

For me, the greatest thing is watching leaders and business owners experience growth in a way that they don’t get to back home.

I love it so much that I wanted to bring it to you! This episode is about the 5 Essential Leadership Questions you MUST be asking yourself to find out if you are primed for your greatest growth.

Listen and I would love for you to answer the question below.

Question: What’s keeping YOU from your greatest growth?

Creating A Legacy with Tom Ziglar

2 thoughts on “149 | 5 Essential Leadership Questions”

  1. Great Listen,
    I have a group a friends who are from various industries and because of that challenge me when we discuss ideas. But I think i have to be more intentional about discuss ideas to get the most out of their inputs, and not keep it casual talking. Maybe then proper accountability will also kick in.
    I have a question regarding the growth mindset?
    Do I have a growth mindset if I want a smaller business, build on a different set of cultures from the one that is always wanting to be bigger and bigger? Or do i have to be aggressively chasing down the next big thing for it to be considering as growing?

    Thank you Chris for all you do.

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