178 | 5 Strategies the Strongest Decision Makers Use Every Day

On this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, we are talking about the strategy strong decision makers use nearly every day, and surface-level decision-making.

Surface-level decision-making is something I see a lot of people doing… and it absolutely holds people back in their growth! This is because we haven’t been trained to make good decisions! Because of this, we end up with what I call surface-level decision-making.

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“Many people (especially younger folks) weren’t trained to think for themselves. Listen! I’m calling out my own generation too.”

Definition: Making a decision on the first thing you see, taking information from what’s right in front of you, and not digging any deeper.

Additionally, becoming a strong decision maker requires a mindset change.

Here are the five of the strategies we cover on the show:

  • How to solve the problem” with perspective
  • Mindset: dig in when decisions are complicated, impossible, or painful
  • The right way to research: taxing the collective intelligence
  • Spending time in prayer
  • Also remember: write it down!

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