274 | 7 Enemies of Your Leadership Success Part 2

7 Enemies of Your Leadership Success 3 Part Series: Episode 2

There are some things that hold us back from our leadership potential and can keep us from being successful. Awareness is key to avoiding these pitfalls…

If you haven’t listened to part 1 of this podcast series, CLICK HERE to listen to the first podcast and get caught up!

In this episode, we hit 2 more enemies of leadership success:

4. Poor Communication

A lack of high-quality communication is the most common and destructive issue I see in almost every business I work with. What causes this great lack of communication? Simple – not understanding how to communicate effectively with each of the different personalities in the organization.

This isn’t about having good conversations – it’s about your revenue, your bottom line, your success as a leader, the productivity and results of your team, and serving God’s kids well.

5. Not taxing the collective intelligence

When you don’t tax the collective intelligence you may be assuming one of two things: 1) You know everything there is to know, or 2) Your team’s input isn’t valuable.

If #1, reality check: you don’t.

If #2, then why did you hire them? Why did you put them in the seat?

Learn how to overcome these 2 of the 7 Enemies Of Your Leadership Success here:

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