137 | 7 Questions To Ask Before Launching A Business


Are you thinking about launching a new start up?
Maybe you recently launched a new business and are still in the early phases.

Todays show will help you ask 7 fundamental questions of your new venture so you can set yourself up for success. (These questions even apply to new product lines.)

We’ve all heard the scary stat for small business failure. Quite a few never make it past year one.
In the early stages of your business it’s crucial for you to have answers to these 7 questions.


Question: Are you thinking about starting a business this year? 

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4 thoughts on “137 | 7 Questions To Ask Before Launching A Business”

  1. All these questions definitely apply to existing business as well. Running a business that’s been around since 1978, I’ve found myself going through these same questions to develop our growth. As always, great insight Chris. Thanks!

  2. Chris,
    I thought you we’re doing this podcast just for me. 🙂 Jk. ….Yes, I do feel like I know you & Joel, mostly because your joint priority is “helping people”. You are both very genuine, and people notice. Thank you for the podcasts.

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