77% Of Taxpayers Will Have Their Taxes Raised

So all the debate about the fiscal cliff brought us to this place of raising taxes on people making over $450,000.00.

There’s only one problem…taxes were raised on 77% of taxpayers in this country!


Fiscal Cliff

How?  Very simple.

While President Obama didn’t raise the income taxes on folks under the $450,000, he did allow payroll tax cuts to expire in the process. Thus, taxpayers noticed a change when they opened their checks last Friday. You may have noticed the people who shared their disgust on Twitter and Facebook.

And that doesn’t include the people who get paid twice a month who have yet to see the increase.
I’m quite positive they will be shocked.
My question is this, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, when do we get tired?

When do we get tired of the same old politics?

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, this is ridiculous!

We have been hearing over and over again about the importance of taxing the wealthy to keep the middle class from increases.

And yet, the moment the deal is done, 77% of taxpayers get a tax increase.

On top of that, according to the USA Today, this whole fiscal cliff deal will add about 4 trillion to the deficit.


So how again did this help?
We’ve raised taxes on most of the country AND ended up with a bigger deficit. Brilliant!

Again, I don’t care who you voted for in November. At some point this has to get old.

Question: Is it old for you yet?      



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73 thoughts on “77% Of Taxpayers Will Have Their Taxes Raised”

  1. A resounding yes! The inability to balance a budget, heck to even come up with a budget, has become disgusting to me. I cannot for the life of me understand why more people aren’t engaged, and why they buy into this rhetoric coming from DC. I’ve always said that they shouldn’t take any taxes out of your paycheck – instead you should have to sit down every month and write a check to the federal (and in most cases, state) government. That way each person would fully understand how much of their earned money is taken each month.

    It’s akin to someone living in a million dollar home with a Bentley, etc, who only makes $30K/ year and they just keep opening up credit card accounts to fund their lifestyle. Sure they are living the high life, but how can they not see what is coming around the corner?

    1. I think writing the checks to the government yourself is a great idea! We had an employee come in the other day and ask why so much was taken out of his check. He had seen the discrepency between “gross” and “net”. I just told him, that’s the money that we all get to pay to our government. He just looked at me as if to say “well that’s dumb!” and walked out. Here was a 35 year old man that had NO IDEA that he lost so much money every week!

  2. Simply YES. As someone who recently took a new position at a different company in December of 2012 I am fed up. One of the perks with switching was an increase of $5 an hour. I get paid this coming Friday and I am worried what it’s going to look like. My goal for 2013 is to get debt free. As someone who has 1 FT, 2 PT and have begun my own side business, this will not help my cause. But, the fight will go on.

  3. I am totally tired of Washington’s behavior, but what can we do, the voting thing doesn’t seem to be working.

    1. I see your point Keith, but giving up CERTAINLY wont work. I go back to Jon Henry’s comment, it starts in our homes. We have to be and raise kids that have rock solid morals, a strong work ethic and dont spend like drunken (or sober) politicians!

        1. Amen to that, Lily! But great people are too smart to submit to the “anal exam” that running for public office has become. Besides, how many great people want to put their families through the misery of a campaign? and how many great people can afford the astronomical cost of running for office?

  4. Good way to look at the debt ceiling:

    U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
    Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
    New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
    National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
    Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000

    Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:

    Annual family income: $21,700
    Money the family spent: $38,200
    New debt on the credit card: $16,500
    Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
    Total budget cuts so far: $38.50

  5. I got into a debate with my in-laws (side note: that is always fun) about this recently.

    They are all Obama voters and I…well let’s just say I didn’t. OK.

    They were in a panic about the “fiscal cliff,” which for the record is a fancy, media-driven way of saying “the point at which we start paying our bills.”

    A “fiscal cliff” for the average American is bankruptcy. It’s “I haven’t had a job in two years, our savings are gone, and the creditors are fed up, so let’s go with the nuclear option.”

    Taxes have been too high since WWII. I hate taxes. But I also have an affinity for smooth roads and some safety net for people.

    I also have a disdain for people who can’t see the facts.

    The facts are:

    1. The past ten presidents (Republicans and Democrats) and their respective congresses completely screwed us. They spent, spent, spent, and forgot to balance the budget. Obama and the Republicans and Democrats in congress are doing the same thing. Both Bushes did. Reagan did. And as much as I hate to admit it, the only president in recent memory who almost got it right was Clinton.

    2. We’re massively in debt.

    If I put myself in the same situation and found myself suddenly $500k in debt and only making $50k a year, two things would happen.

    1. I would cut everything from my budget and live in a one-bedroom apartment.

    2. I would work approximately 16 hours a day, 6 days a week.

    Our government sees the problem and increases spending and works less.

    So, what does that mean to me?

    1. We need to cut at least $500B from the budget.

    2. We need to raise taxes…on everyone. That means (to me) a temporary 2-3% across the board increase on income tax, a temporary 2-3% national sales tax, and even potentially putting in place higher tariffs on imported goods. I shutter to think of those, but that is the situation we find ourselves in.

    I don’t like the second part of at all, but reality is…well just that.

    I’m 33 now and if I want to see our debt eliminated in my lifetime, it’s time for America to go on beans and rice and get a 2nd and 3rd job.

    Sucks, but it’s true.

    Unfortunately the pessimist in me sees not one single leader willing to do both of those things. And not many voters either.

    1. amen. I agree with you, taxes SUCK. But if there were elected officials that I KNEW would make sure that every single penny of that extra taxes went to pay off our debt, I would gladly pay a bit extra. Here’s the problem, I dont trust ANY of them with that extra money. I dont have the confidence that it wouldn’t just go to help some other country, to hire more bureaucrats, or give congress a raise.

  6. While I’m not in support of the way our government is doing things I will say… What do you need to do to get out of debt.

    1) raise your income
    2) reduce your spending.

    Well the government just raised their income. So, lets hope they are smart enough to cut the spending in the upcoming budget talks.

    1. Totally true. Read the book a few months ago – and it applies to every nation. (I’m in Mexico.) In our case, I think most people have just given up on democracy. People vote, but the people in power sway things to keep it.

  7. My biggest pet peeve is when our local officials start babbling about different pots of money when they go on spending sprees. There is only source of money and therefore one pot. So I do see the contradiction in my next point.

    I am anti-tax unless meaningful and significant spending cuts go along with it. I am also not a fan of President Obama (although I will always use his title).

    The 2% cut was from social security, which as I understand it, was intended to be a self funded program. I do not like the word entitlement to describe SS as that implies getting something for nothing, which again was not the intended case of SS. It seems to be fairly well acknowledged that SS is in trouble financially. The whys of that are done and can’t be reversed, but the mess needs to be cleaned up. This can’t be done by cutting 2% of the contributions. I am against more taxes and all for tax cuts, but that had to be one the most dangerous things ever done to the future of the SS system. It needed to never have happened and certainly putting that 2% back was the right thing to do.

    Now perhaps our esteemed leaders have muddled up the SS program and Federal budgets to the point where they really are one in the same. If I can be convinced that is the case, then I would have to change my position on this whole thing.

  8. Its been old for me and we must pay attention to it. However, this is the sole reason why we must not put ourselves in situations where we rise and fall on every decision that the Government makes. Entrepreneurship can help you generate what was lost from your paycheck. Its on us right?

    1. so true! I’m on the school board in my town, and I get sooo frustrated with the obsessive focus on making kids employees with VERY little focus on encouraging entrepreneurship! people having the business OWNER mentality rather than the employee mentality will do wonders to turn our country around!

      1. Mark, now you are talking my language. Its that mentality that we need to change early to change the country. Its hard changing this Generation, we need to start where you are and with our own Children. Thank you so much for seeing what I see. I am doing something about this locally in my area.

        1. I have the desire to start some sort of after school program or summer day camp that takes teens and teaches them about being an entrepreneur. teach them the principles, have them develop ideas, bring in local entrepreneurs to speak with and work with them.

      2. How do we go about doing this in the system, seeing at the very core of this, you in effect have people who are Employees (Teachers) teaching about how to NOT be in the system? I’m not saying I disagree with where the direction we need to head, but, to look to the schools to provide this type of foundation/education seems hard to do.

        1. I completely agree. I think we need to keep fighting to reform and adjust the educational system, but quite frankly, I think the greatest change will come about outside of the public school system. I think a combination of teaching in the home, classes/camps/workshops for youth outside of school, and private schools will have the greatest effect on making the change.

  9. There are so many ironies in this situation, but I will present just two:

    Irony #1:
    The reductions in FICA taxes reduced individual contributions to Social Security. People (myself included) have clamored for years to be able to manage their own retirement savings. Suddenly you have a payroll tax cut that allows you to do just that. At the beginning of last year you basically got a raise and instantly had 2% more in your pocket to save for the future, and guess what happened? The personal savings rate between the end of 2011 and the end of 2012 is nearly the same. So much for that.

    Irony #2:
    I would find it difficult to blame politicians for the mess when their actions represent exactly the same behavior that takes place in a vast majority of households. Focus on the word “represent.” We elect people to represent us and get upset when they represent both the best and worst in us? The alternative would be to have our representatives only focus on what is “best” for us, and usually when we go down that road we have very, very bad forms of government that fail nearly everyone involved.

    If we seriously want to change any of this, it has to start at home.

    1. very well stated my friend! it certainly does start with how we act personally. Only then will we have the conviction and determination that such a course (spend less than you earn, be responsible) works. We need people who can say “this will work because I’ve done it in my home/business for years, and this is why it needs to be done in the country as well!” I’m thinking a Dave/Chris 2016 ticket? haha

  10. It’s very old to me Chris. We noticed it on our Wednesday paycheck. Talk about frustrating!

    We’d just cut our cable bill to start saving a bit more of our paycheck. This set us back more than the savings we just made.

    All while not doing a dang thing to reduce the spending in our country. Only, like you said, adding another $4 trillion to our debt.

    1. It’s sad when those of us that ARE trying to be responsible can’t do it because the stupidity of others is so high! I know that being stupid is not illegal, but it seems to be pretty close.

  11. Definitely gets old to have no control over how these decisions are made. I am definitely not an expert in politics or finance, but last time I checked, representatives are elected to act in behalf of the people. Like some of the great comments that have already been made, simple math explains it all. Why are we trying to borrow our way out of debt? If it doesn’t work at home, why would it work for a whole country’s economy? Overspending and increased taxes make absolutely no sense.

    Proverbs 11:14 reads: “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers.”

    I think we all got a new job. Our government needs advisers on how to lead a nation.

    1. Totally agree…but I would push for: the government needs new people top to bottom. Reset. But I don’t think that’s happening for a loong time.

      The good thing: we can forget what is behind and lean forward into our future. The government doesn’t make our futures…we do with God’s help.

      1. Yes! Love that Aaron! We do make our own future despite bad leadership. Plus you live in a country that just got handed a tough pill to swallow. A rewind to 12 years ago back to the corruption and practices that have damaged a wealthy country and left most of its people in poverty.

        1. Agreed. Tough pill. I think I don’t know much else to do but really work hard to listen and see if God wants me to do something. People listening for God saying something, and then DOING it can = transformation. My humble opinion. 🙂

      2. This is something I wish could happen a complete reset. But as you said, I doubt that will be capable of being done for awhile now. I really don’t think either Party has any good idea about what to do about the issues at hand.

        1. The only thing that both parties can agree on is that the current structure is great and any threat to the status quo in Washington will be a rallying cry that will be smote.

          I was disillusioned in 08 when I heard President (then-Candidate) Obama’s Hope & Change (I didn’t vote for him, but I know some that did based solely on this), and I thought long and hard about who really has started to bring those things to Washington in my lifetime (I’ll be 30 later this month), and the ones that first come to mind are Newt Gingrich when he was Speaker of the House, who more or less had the book thrown at him to the point he resigned his post as Speaker, and Ross Perot, who was all set to establish a third political party in the 90s and had dropped out of the race due to personal reasons. When President Obama was promising Hope and Change and both sides didn’t bring him down to a whimpering mass, that was a tall-tell sign to me that it was all lip service, or it certainly was going to improve the lives of those in the Beltway, not those outside of DC.

  12. This is all really frustrating. I haven’t seen anything on my paycheck (not paid yet this year), but it’s terrible to see the illusionists that are working in politics and media. They draw your attention one direction and then do something where no one else is looking.

  13. Yes. But society will have to go through a great awakening to stop being so blind to what is going on. We are voting in these people to office. We are not voting in people that would really make the difference. But, we can!

    So today, I choose not to complain. I choose Biblical Commandment, “Tell the weak to say, “I AM STRONG.”

    America – you are strong.

    You have the power to create: http://toddliles.com/words-have-the-power-to-create.html

  14. It was old for me 5 years ago. We are witnessing the US Federal Government trying to function beyond its capacity and threshold of control.
    Why is the Fed introducing an average of 62 NEW regulations per day (www.regulations.gov)?
    Why are we seeing flurries of Executive Orders?
    Why is our national debt growing exponentially?
    Why won’t we be able to ‘grow’ ourselves out of this mess via GDP?

    The Federal Gov’t can no longer control what is occurring. The system is failing and they are reacting out of fear. This causes Congress and the White House to deploy 100 year old counter-measures in the form of regulations, new taxes and larger bureaucracy. In order to keep centralized power and control, the Fed MUST extend payments from the public largesse to as many voters as possible.

    “Nearly 55 percent of Americans have received government benefits from one of the six best-known entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Unemployment Insurance).”- Rich Morin, Paul Taylor and Eileen Patten of the Pew Research Center.

    Why won’t they pass a balanced budget?
    If you don’t have a budget, you can’t BE over-budget.

    The current system is crumbling under its own weight. The problem is, we’re too busy watching the drama of the old building crumbling to turn around and look at the fertile fields that surround us. The government is as detached from the economy as the economy is detached from equities markets. I hunt for opportunity outside the normal ‘economy’. Where is the value? Who can I help along the way? It won’t be the physically-able, lazy hood-rat on food-stamps using an iphone.
    Assistance for orphans, widows, sick and the elderly will come from micro economies, institutions and generous individuals.

    Lest we forget the spiritual aspect of how money works.

    “Without the lens of faith, we would view money as only physical. A physical object, say a book, can only be in one place at a time. But spiritual things like, say, a tune can be on a thousand lips at once.
    If I hear you whistling a song and I start whistling it too, I am taking nothing from you. But if I take your book you no longer have it. Well, if money is physical, then the only way to get it is by taking it. For every dollar that I have, someone somewhere has one less. But if money is spiritual, like a tune, it is brought into existence afresh without taking anything from anyone else. Truly, we don’t take money, we make money. Your dollars symbolize how you serve other people.” – Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    I watch individuals and institutions operating outside the US system and seeing exponential growth and success. There are micro economies operating all over the globe. We tend to think that our Government is growing exponentially, it is. However, there are more humans involved in economies and we are connected 24/4 globally. This growth exceeds Government Control and capacity. While the overall economy is stumbling along, there are awesome companies in the US worth that list on public exchanges and offer opportunity as well.

    IMO of course 😉

    Great post, Chris!

  15. It does get old for me, and I’m not even in the US. I’m a Canadian living, doing business in, and paying taxes in Mexico – and politics gets old for me. I just feel like it’s pointless, you know?

    Those in power know how to keep it and make it work for them. I believe the change is me, and I refuse to be the victim. But man…it sure is frustrating.

    1. yup, its pointless, but certainly ignoring it and giving up on it wont help! We’ve gotta draw the line of knowing and acting like our future is totally in our hands (because it is) but still realizing that national policy DOES have an affect on our lives and doing what we can to elect, support and encourage those who hold our principles, values, and morals.

  16. Its definitely old! I’m soooo tired of hearing what they think I want to hear. What I want to hear is: “We’re spending waaaayyy too much money, way more than we bring in. that stops now. Many of you will see a decrease in the amount of handouts you get, but, thats the way it goes. If we don’t fix our spending NONE of us will get ANYTHING from the government.”
    It just drives me nuts. How stupid they think we are (both sides).
    I will get my first paycheck this friday, and I just cant hardly wait (did the sarcasm font show up?)

  17. My husband and I are about to reregister without a political party – “decline to state” – because we no longer want to be associated with our former party. (“party”? Someone is partying for sure, and we are paying for it!!)

    I’ve chosen to limit my exposure to the news these days because the level of discouragement I feel drains my energy and robs me of optimism.

      1. I’m torn on the news. Because I think we DO need to be informed as to what is going on. Afterall, government officials answer to us, they cant answer to us if we arent aware of what is going on.
        However, you’re right, we dont need to be spending all day long watching the news and not working on our own future!

        1. Skropp, I sort of figure that a 3 minute top-of-the-hour summary per day about does it for me, or maybe just the opening monologue to a talking heads program. I WANT to stick my head in the sand, but know that would be wrong. Shoot, I’d like to become Amish, but they don’t do art!

          1. haha, I can usually catch an hour program once or twice a week..and maybe a radio talk show in the background while I’m working. But certainly not as much as I used to!
            and that is a bummer about the amish not doing art 😉 would be kind of a drawback for you eh?

    1. I never watch the news, I never have TV on, sometimes it’s a bad thing! However, when I do watch it, i quickly remember why I don’t. Good luck!

  18. I don’t really have a problem with this. If SS is going to be mandatory, then the 2% break we were getting only exacerbated the underfunding issue. As someone already noted, the personal savings rate did not increase during that tax holiday. So much for the claim of we’ll take care of it if they let us do it ourselves.

    We will continue to have our budget and how large and involved government should be issues until we as a people can come to a consensus as to what we want and then assuring funding it. That will drive how the congress critters will vote. While it’s popular to point a finger at Washington, always remember there are four pointing back at us. The division amongst ourselves is the bottom line issue and it’s financially killing us. Washington only reflects what we as a people overall want. Not a small group of highly motivated high octane people. That’s how they get re-elected. .

    Fiscal conservatives are going to have to re-craft their message if long term that ideology is going to win. It doesn’t mean that the underlying values are forgotten or abandoned. It means the message must be communicated in a way that is compelling beyond the base and appeals to the greater masses. It must reassure, give hope and teach rather than rely on and use the long worn out red meat sound bites.

  19. Definitely Tired! I question whether we have the ‘right’ people on the bus. Can we get Chris, Dave, John Maxwell, and Patrick Lencioni in to coach every member of Congress? Congress should subscribe to the podcasts!

    Think about what we learned in grade school about the Founding Fathers. They weren’t “politicians”, they were farmers, plantation owners and the like, who weren’t out to make a career out of “public service”. Now, we have people making decisions motivated for their own interests, instead of the organization’s (a.k.a. country’s) interests.

    Here’s some food for thought: Consider the word “politics” and its negative connotation in business and leadership but the future of our country is decided by a group of “politicians”…

    1. And, I always thought politics was derived from poly meaning many, and ticks being blood-sucking parasites. 🙂

  20. It’s too old for me. Keep using your platform to try and speak reason into the polarized insanity that’s causing us all to loose. Better yet, use your platform to let us know what we can do about it. It’s not about being tired, it’s about getting about the business of doing something.

  21. The part that I find most inconsistent with this whole Fiscal Cliff/FICA mess is why was the President campaigning on ‘raising the taxes on the wealthiest Americans’, and, when given the perfect opportunity to do it, he could have done so by raising the cap of the wages to which FICA applies. It only applied last year to the first $110k people made last year, and applies to the first $113.7k a person makes this year. Couldn’t that cap have been raised to $250k, or even $450k, or change it so it DOES apply to Interest and Dividends?

    The President was given a real opportunity to put the money where his mouth is, and, instead chose to kick the can down the road for two months and raise taxes on lower and middle-class Americans.

    I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, but, given the option of the two, the Republican party seems a little more up front with what they represent. They just come out and tell you they’re for Big Business and their actions show it. The Democrats say they’re for the working class, the average American, and then their actions run contrary to that.

  22. I think we all agree with you Chris! I was opposed to adding more taxes to the wealthy b/c I don’t believe we should punish people for being successful. Now that the vast majority of Americans are being punished and if affects them, maybe they will wake up!

  23. I saw a sign that said, “Let’s push congress over the fiscal cliff.” I’m in the “re-elect no one” mindset. Let’s elect people who not only “understand” how bad this is, but will have the fortitude to stand firm and actually address the issue.

  24. Where is the eject button? The constitution is meaningless (not looking to argue on guns / violence just nervous where all this will take us), finances are kin to debt, there is a tiny population that believe in GOD and will fight for him and a tiny population trying to do the right thing. I sort of relate this to my company. Why do I try so hard to be ethical, stand out, do what is right when making it tougher on myself to provide a living for my family and grow a business when most others just do what is easy, cheap and not worry about being around 10 years later? At a family dinner recently I heard more than one member say, “let them just be Kevin, it is easier.” So thats the answer, let the kids do what they want b/c it is easier? So is that the same approach with our government? Who cares, just make it easy, take unemployment and make employers pay? Make it easier to import than create jobs here? I am glad I am in front of good news all the time and I am glad I am a small part of the population willing to eat rice and beans and I thank you Chris and your team for everything you do and share! Bless your New Year and all of you here! @twitter-37255697:disqus yes we are Entreleaders! @all of you, sorry for my ramble, just very frustrated with everything. @all of you my 7 years old say’s, “Dave Ramsey and his team should be in the White House” right dad? Yes, Peri you are correct! Dad could Dave actually get us out of debt, well I think so and I know he would stop printing more…blessings to you each of you and your platform trials

  25. As most people here are quick to call foul on Democrats it should be noted that letting payroll tax cuts expire was a concession for Republicans (as in it was what Republicans wanted) in exchange for slightly lower increase on taxes on >450k folks.

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