A Bike And A Smile

Yesterday at EntreLeadership Master Series in San Antonio, a large group of us got together and built bikes for 25 kids from Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio.

While it was an amazing team-building exercise for a bunch of us entrepreneurial types, it was more amazing when the kids turned the corner with their faces lit up with the sight of those new bikes. For some of them, this was their first bike. Because of that, had the pleasure of watching three of the ladies helping one boy peddle a bike for the first time in his life.

It’s amazing to think of what these kids don’t have. I talked with Elijah and asked him what he likes best about Boys and Girls Club. He said that he gets to read books. I have a study at home and, if you saw the post the other day, a loaded bookshelf at work. Many of those books I haven’t read yet, but I have good intentions. And here is a boy who probably lives in a home that has few, if any books.

I enjoyed my time with the EntreLeadership attendees working hard to put together a bunch of bikes, but my heart melted to realize how much one small gift blessed the lives of these children. God help me to be even more of a blessing! I can tell you that I walked away completely blessed.

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28 thoughts on “A Bike And A Smile”

      1. That’s so awesome. Hey, speaking of reading, I learned of a pretty awesome web site yesterday. http://www.readitfor.me/ In short, it’s a web biz that takes business-related books and produces really nice video summaries, pdfs and more targeted to busy business people like you and others on this blog. Check it out! Don’t think they’ve done Entre yet. =)

  1. Agree with Jana. Would love to hear what he likes to read and I really, really hope someone gets him to the library if they haven’t already. If he can read to keep learning and dreaming, maybe someday he will be a great leader.

      1. What could be more special than knowing someone from very humble beginnings, even totally disadvantaged beginnings, break free and thrive.

  2. It’s good to hear that people are giving to the communities. We are often reminded of how much we have when we see how very little others have. I know this will impact the lives of these kids for a long time. I also suspect it will impact the leaders who helped with this as well.

  3. How great it must be to be part of a team that does so much good. Posts like that motivate you to think of something that you can go out do to help others.

  4. It is amazing how much we take for granted. A bike is a “common” thing for most of my children and grandchildren – as is a book – but for some children it is a “miracle”. Maybe even one they prayed would show up. What a blessing all of you were – and this IS a great team-building activity!

  5. This is just so sweet, and glad you had this opportunity to be blessed. As Louise says we take so much for granted without thinking about it, yet we can make so much of a difference by doing so little (in our own estimation – but will mean a lot to the recipients), i hope this will inspire us all to do something special for others especially as we approach the holidays.

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