396 | An Inside Look: Helping Your Leadership Team Succeed

Today’s episode is, An Inside Look: Helping Your Leadership Team Succeed.

Leader, this is how you know whether or not your leadership team is going to succeed: each team member must have and maintain a teachable mindset.

Each person can choose to take tough conversations as pressure and become self-protective, even prideful, and start to fight with each other. Or, they can use those tough conversations to grow, because they want to be better – each one wants to learn and grow together as a unified team.”

Today on the podcast we’ve got a little twist for you: we continue to explore developing your leadership team, but this time I get to interview my own leaders!

We’re going to tackle some tough questions like: what are leaders missing by not investing (their time, resources, quality communication, etc.) in their own leadership teams? How do you know when a leader isn’t cut out for the leadership team, or when they shouldn’t even be a leader at all? And what are the major challenges to maintaining high levels of quality communication within the team (and how to resolve those challenges)?