Are You Addicted to Busyness?

are you addicted to busyness

According to a recent study, most people can’t be by themselves for longer than 15 minutes without getting bored. (cue Netflix) We are a society of people who must be busy.

We want to feel important.

So what is busyness?  “Lively but meaningless activity.”

Basically, it’s anything that you do that doesn’t support your goals and values.

Speaking of goals…how are yours going? Remember the stuff you wrote down a few months ago? Busyness is anything that keeps you from working on them.

Your daily activities – Do they support those goals?

Here are a few signs you may be addicted to busyness:

  • Constantly checking social media status updates, instagram pics, twitter feed, rince and repeat
  • Every free minute you have your phone out
  • You feel like you are always running but never accomplishing anything
  • Check your email 1000 times a day
  • Do you have time for the people around you?
  • Feel anxious and stressed
  • Get bored easy
  • Go from event to event
  • Watch Netflixs constantly

So what are you really avoiding when you try to stay busy?

We dive into that question today on the show. There’s a need for everyone to feel important, to stay busy because we equate “busyness” to self worth.

If you feel like you are on a hamster wheel and missing out on life give todays episode a listen and jump of the wheel!

Question: What is your biggest temptation with busyness?


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