90 | Ask Chris: Are You Faking It?

In today’s episode of #AskChris, Trent has questions about understanding his DISC personality profile. He’s noticed that as his coworkers & customers get to know him, his adaptive style shows up less & his natural style is showing up more. He questions if the goal is to become more natural in all areas of his life. Great questions!

Your natural personality style is when you feel the most comfortable. It’s your home life, when you’re relaxed and just being yourself. When you get into your adaptive style, your work life or stress life, you adapt to the personality style in which you want people to receive you. The struggle comes as you get more comfortable with your coworkers or customers, they get to know the real you. Their expectations for who you’ve been can leave you feeling like you’re faking it. Don’t worry, you’re not.

In this podcast, I’ll dig into:

  • What a big spread between your natural and adaptive D, I, S, or C can mean
  • What happens when you force an area of your adaptive personality style
  • Why it’s so important to learn YOU as well as understand the people you’re working with and lean in their direction

If you haven’t taken the DISC or VALUES tests yet, make sure you do immediately! It’s the most powerful way to win in business and family situations. It will absolutely change the way you communicate and are communicated to.

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1 thought on “90 | Ask Chris: Are You Faking It?”

  1. Chris great post! Although it would be great to always act natural sometimes cirrcimstances are not allowing it. However if we learn how to go with such situations our natural acting is gaining more and more knowlege and feelings to be able to react naturaly even to similar future siutation. Thank you!

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