438 | Cultivating Real Communication Part 2

On today’s podcast, we’ll dig into the garden and discuss three of the most common weeds that we find choking cultivating real communication with others. What’s the number one obstacle that I see when it comes to personal relationships? You guessed it, bad communication. That’s why we revisit this subject so often because it’s something …

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3 Stages To A Product Launch

Have you ever launched a new product or service and been disappointed with sales?

Product Launch,

Oftentimes, businesses work feverishly to develop something new, or revamp something old, and never say a word about it until it’s ready for launch.

This is a big mistake and a key reason why sales fall flat. The good news is, this is easy to fix.

Here are the 3 stages to a product or service launch…

Market Who You Are By Saying Why You Matter

This is a guest post by team member, Joel Fortner. Be sure to follow Joel on his blog and Twitter.

Do you remember what you wanted “to be when you grew up”?

I bet it wasn’t someone who worked in a cubicle or a square office where motivation was solely found on a poster with a penguin.


Kids tend to think big, don’t they? When I was a kid, I knew kids who wanted to be doctors, lawyers, dancers and athletes. I never had a friend who strove to work from 9-5 on the third floor.

Somewhere along the line we stop being bold. Regardless of why, we get logical and find safety in blending in with the pack.

Then one day