225 | Behind The Scenes With The Poimen Team: Live Events, Culture, and Masterminds

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Today I gave the team the podcast microphones, and I asked them for their thoughts…

I am SO excited to bring some of the team on the show this week. This episode is a special feature behind the scenes episode with a few team members of the Poimen Group! You’ll get to hear their perspective, favorite moments at Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event, and what they have to say about culture.

Welcome to the show Joel, our Head Client Coach, Heather, our Director of Operations, Event Coordinator, and Podcast Producer, and Savannah, our Social Media Marketing Manager and Podcast Production Assistant.

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • What it’s really like to work at The Poimen Group
  • The best moments inside of Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event 2018
  • The team’s favorite moments from Next-Level Leadership
  • What a “solving problems” culture looks like
  • Why culture and social movements are wrong about stay at home moms
  • New content coming your way in summer 2017!

Listen here:

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Highlights from Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event:



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