Best Company Response To Rant Ever!

I have to say that this is the BEST response I’ve seen to a customers rant. Now, keep in mind that the rant was actually very funny, but it gave Bodyform, a feminine hygiene company, the greatest opportunity to respond!

You can read the rant here, but if you’re offended by the fact that it’s about feminine hygiene, you might pass it up. I don’t find it offensive, but I wouldn’t want to offend someone who does.

For the rest of you who know me, READ IT!!

And you MUST READ IT before watching the video!!!

Why am I sharing this with you? Because as leaders and entrepreneurs, there is a TON to learn about this. It has gone so viral it’s crazy! And in a very positive way. So, have at it, and then let us all know what you think about it.


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Question: What do you think of a company response like this?



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58 thoughts on “Best Company Response To Rant Ever!”

  1. I’ve heard about this, but never watched it till now.

    1. Hehe. The guy who started it all obviously hasn’t learned wisdom from being with his female friend – some rants are best had alone, in front of a mirror, yelling into a paper bag, behind steal plated doors….. just sayin.

    What do I think about the company’s response?

    Hilarious. Fun. Playful – and based on how many views this is getting on Facebook and Youtube – REALLY SMART.

    What I took away:

    1. The company could have ignored….but not so much if it happened on Facebook. So that’s not an option, and a valuable lesson for businesses – never ignore a customer no matter where they interact with you.

    2. The company could have responded with their own mud throwing….but that wouldn’t have worked well either.

    3. Instead, the started a conversation – and a very funny one at that.

    James 1:19 – be quick to listen, SLOW TO SPEAK, AND SLOW TO ANGER.

    Customers/clients could learn from this guys rant too = only YOU can avoid making a fool of yourself. Now this guy is famous for his rant…but wouldn’t want to be in his shoes AT ALL.

    Great post Chris!

  2. ahhh shoot, hold on, I’m laughing so hard I think I just peed my pants…..ha, okay…I’m sorry the breaking of the pencil and the “hip” lift was priceless.

    Now I can’t really tell if Richards complaint is real or not, but their response is well done with truth and humor. If I was in Richards shoes, I wouldn’t of been offended. What a great way to end the week Chris. Great topic. My question is, “could it be possible to use a bit of humor in response to all customer complaints?”

    1. Hey Steve,
      I like your question at the end – “Could it be possible to use a bit of humor in response to all customer complaints?”

      I think we would all agree – depends what kind of complaint you’re talking about.

      But I do totally think businesses should be able to take themselves less seriously, like what happened in this story. I think it makes ‘business’ feel more human. (And fun.)

      1. Totally agree, Aaron.
        In addition to the use of humor depending or what kind of complaint, it also depends on what kind of customer.
        There are some customers, no matter the complaint, would take it as a personal insult if humor was used. Then you have to weigh the value of keeping/”humor ing” that customer

  3. Now, THIS is funny. It’s a comment related to this topic on a blog post on CNBC from October, 2012.

    “Awesome post, best approach for such a bloody topic, period. Can the feminine products biz considered to be a part of trickle-down economics? But most guys need to stop cramping up over this and just roll with the flow. Imagine how they’ll react when Apple introduces the larger tablet named Maxi iPad.”

  4. Wait a minute. You mean that “that time” isn’t the fun part of the month? My world has come to an end! At least the company came forward and apologized for coming up with such a powerful, mind-controlling lie.

  5. Holy cow.
    1. I wonder what sort of negotiation took place before Caroline was allowed to make this video.
    2. Richard’s girlfriend must be dying of mortification.
    3. The toot at the end of the video took it from sort of tasteful to ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
    4. Nothing quite like shock to make people laugh.
    5. Almost anything said in a British accent sounds classy.
    6. Love the humor and creativity and courage it took to make the video. Completely fits with Seth Godin’s ideas in “The Icarus Deception” (too long to explain in this comment.)
    7. Has Richard seen this? Who is he, anyway? Lily is probably right about his connection to Bodyform!

  6. HA! good stuff. I think it was a fantastic response and did alot for their marketing. The complaint was obviously tongue in cheek, but the principles exhibited about marketing, resolving concerns, etc would all hold true in many business situations. I thought it was hilarious, but within taste and well thought out.

  7. This takes me back to this year’s recent superbowl commercial where “sexy” meets “smart”…You with me here? U know, the edgy, head turner, creepy ad that went like #1 on the discussion board on every morning show days later! Well, it was a clever approach, *ballsy…for a lack of better words (*cuz lets face it fellas, you already went there anyways to begin with when feminine rant started.) I think that we (including Bodyform if this response to Richard was not truly given by Bodyform) we can learn something about marketing in this rant and another thing about customer service.
    1) marketing: To be put on the map and to be a leader on social network leader boards, ya gotta think outside of the box and take those risks when you have opportunities in seizing the moment like the video displayed. Perhaps having attourneys in place and a decoy setup on the backburner on youtube would be wise…and a possible 2nd job lined up, jic. Safety nets are a must, as these gutsy calls can blow up in your face. But if they dont, the flipside is they go big and hopefully viral. How is ratings going now, btw? IDK.

    2. Customer service: every response to a customer has the potential to make you or break you. So always be on guard. With facebook and twitter and such, you are always moments away from being quoted, tweeted, liked, and aired on the Ellen Degenerous or Oprah shows. I like the scripture referenced earlier. “Slow to anger…” HUMOR can be your saving grace if you are REALLY good, clever and charming. Bodyform? That was all 3! But most arent though. At least thats what my husband tells me. He tells me to try and stick w the script. Lol. He is a wise mann me thinks. 😉

  8. Love this. In the world today with FB, Twitter and instant access to both good and bad, you have to tackle things like that and why not use humor? Real complaint or not, it was a great way to approach the situation. Nice way to get your potential buyers to remember you.

  9. With social media being so powerful in marketing and customer service, I think responses like this are great. They show a level of humor and a reminder to the public that what they share is usually received Social media is an asset and a liability (just ask Burger King)!

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