Chris Camp: Case Study

Business Owner Breaks Through $5M Ceiling By Transforming Culture First

How CEO Chris Camp lead his team to 400% growth in 5 years after 5 years of no growth

About Chris Camp

Chris Camp is a go-getter business owner and entrepreneur. After leading sales for an Arizona-based company after college, Chris was ready to open his own business. In 2006 he launched Atlanta Painting Company. Now an owner of five businesses, Chris mainly focuses on leading people to be successful and creating a work culture where people want to be and attracts champions.

The Situation

After launching Atlanta Painting Company, Chris quickly realized that while he was good at getting things done, he wasn’t great at leading people well. As a result, growth had plateaued, too much depended on him to do, team communication was poor, and the culture was so bad that even Chris avoided going to his own office! 

“From a revenue perspective, we were stuck,” Chris said. “We basically had the same revenue from the first year we started until year five. I mean, we didn't grow, and I blamed it a lot more on the economy and the things around us, but it was definitely a direct correlation to my leadership causing us to be stuck.”


In 2016, Chris attended the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event - a 3 day leadership training event - and that marked a turning point for him, his team, his business, and his family. 

While attending the event, Chris realized that the lessons and tools taught at the event were exactly what he needed to transform and grow his business.

Before leaving Nashville, he invested in Next-Level Mastermind coaching, a 4-day StratPlan for his leadership team, and a personal, 1-on-1 Next-Level Life event for himself so he and his key leaders received the perspective, tools, and strategies they needed to make better decisions and turn the business around. 

“You can't become the best version of yourself, unless you have a challenge that has grown you,” he said. “And most people don't get challenged unless they step into a new opportunity.”

The “opportunities” began with culture, but quickly led to transforming how they did accounting, team communication, planning, accountability, hiring and training, and more.  

Five years later, Chris continues to invest in personal coaching and StratPlans for his companies, has enrolled other key leaders into Next-Level Mastermind, sent numerous leaders through Next-Level Life events, and does full-day training events for his entire team.


Since starting coaching, Chris has seen Atlanta Painting Company grow by 400%, all the while maintaining a culture of champions. He’s started 4 more companies in Nashville, Tenn., Atlanta, Ga., and Dallas, Texas, and he has key leaders in place to lead them all.

With his leadership teams, culture, and growth strategies set, Chris also now has more balance between his work and home life with his wife and 3 children. 

“I would tell any business owner,” he said, “if you want to fix your business, stop worrying about processes, stop worrying about system, stop worrying about how you sell more and start figuring out how you have a culture that attracts great people.”