Celebrate Your Achievements [Video]

Many of us struggle with achievement and not being successful enough.

That feeling of not measuring up comes from somewhere in your past (someone said you weren’t good enough or that you’ll never achieve enough) but at some point you need to stop and celebrate what you have achieved!

Make a list of the notable things you did last year.

Do it. Now!

It’s hard, right? You’ve got to know what you’ve achieved! You’ve got to know what you’ve accomplished!

If your achievements aren’t coming to mind quickly that probably means you haven’t celebrated them with your team either. They don’t know what they’ve achieved. They don’t feel like they’ve accomplished anything.

You are achieving and you’ve got to celebrate what you’ve done. Otherwise, everyone in your business goes home feeling like they haven’t achieved enough.

Remember, you’re business is what you do not who you are!

Question: What did you accomplish in 2013?

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11 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Achievements [Video]”

  1. I’d say you have plenty of achievements to celebrate for 2013, Chris. Happy New Year and here’s to more celebrations for all the members of the #CLoTribe! I’m thankful to be part of this amazing community.Thanks to the support and encouragement I’ve received, I have many accomplishments to celebrate and I’m pumped to start a fantastic 2014!!!

  2. Chris, My team personally (vacations & family) and professionally (blew the doors off this place) accomplished a lot in 2013. We are having a team meeting and lunch to review/discuss and celebrate the specifics of a great year. Here’s to an amazing 2014!

  3. Carla MusarraLeonard

    Thanks for the reminder! How easily we forget to celebrate our achievements, especially when we’re so caught up in our businesses. Good words, Chris. Bravo!

  4. Chris – celebrating has never been an issue for me, I guess I’ve listened to The Robert D too much! However, there seems an issue with how celebrating is perceived. People see it as selfish, prideful, self-promoting…

    How do you manage that?

  5. “If your achievements aren’t coming to mind quickly that probably means you haven’t celebrated them with your team either”. Yikes! This really hit home! Thank you for the reminder. I am getting right on this!!! Happy New Year! Here’s to 2014!!!

  6. Good stuff Chris. I was just telling my wife that I need to make a list of our success in 2013. There were some big goals we didn’t hit so overall it feels like a failed year, which is just ridiculous because there were so many successes we had! The irony is that I live in Celebration, Florida, so you’d think I wouldn’t need any reminders to celebrate! 🙂

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