Today kicks off what we at Dave Ramsey‘s office call ECL; EntreLeadership Chris LoCurto. This is our full EntreLeadership event that we host at a destination for a week, only done in three days at our conference center taught by me…and without the beach…or the language barrier.

But it’s all the same outrageously revolutionary information. We don’t even market this event to the public because it sells out in days. Over the next three days I will be teaching business changing principles for eighteen hours. Yes, these poor folks will listen to my voice for eighteen hours!!! Today is a day that is mainly dedicated to team building.

Among all of the vital lessons that I will teach today, one of those is about gossip. I truly believe that gossip is a cancer for your organization. It spreads easily among the…weaker cells. In fact, I’ve always heard from doctors or nutritionist that the more acidic your body, the more prone your body is to cancer. Cancer loves and thrives on acid.

It’s funny to think that it’s the same way with gossip. If a person is a gossip, they don’t usually go and gossip to the person who doesn’t. Why not? There’s no satisfaction in that. They want someone who they can attach to and spew their cancerous filth into. If they can find that person, their cancer will spread.

This is something that you have to jump on right away!!! You have to get in there and do some serious surgery to cut that junk out of your business. We have a policy here; we’ll fire you for gossip. We may warn you once, but after that you’re Audi 5000 baby! The reason is obvious…but there’s more than just one reason.

You see, you can’t keep champions in your business if it’s infected! That’s just not the situation that a champion wants to be in. And word will get out to the champions that were looking at your place, that it’s a place that they will not enjoy. Champions want to show up, put a hard days work in, maybe get a pat on the back, and go home feeling like they accomplished something that was bigger than them. That is the kind of person you want on your team, because that is the kind of person that will help to propel your efforts forward.

The more champions, the stronger your business, and the more momentum you will have. And believe me, the more momentum the better. So if you’re having problems with gossip in your business, and you know deep down inside if you do, go to town on it with the biggest scalpel you can find. The sooner you do, the sooner you can attract the kind of team member you want!

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