254 | Christmas Special: Glory To God In The Lowest

When we think of Christmas, everything is so grand…

We imagine extravagant light displays, big presents under the tree, feasts of turkey and stuffing…

We even think that when it comes to the Christmas Story. We are given this picture of three Wise Men in elaborate costumes, a beautiful stable with fresh straw in a cozy manger, with Mary and Joseph looking rested and beautiful.

How we see Christmas is very different from how The Christmas Story actually happened.

There is an entire industry that does very well this time of year advertising to us to make Christmas grand. And don’t get me wrong, we have a HUGE tree decorated like crazy in the office, and we LOVE Christmas around here.

But the powerful story of Christmas isn’t about that. It’s the opposite.

Here’s what really happened, and how it changes everything about you. Listen here:

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