CLo Said What?

Nothing…but I’m about to! New year, new things happening at Once a week I will be answering your questions…wait for it…by video! Yep, whatever you want to ask me.

Well, I still don’t talk about the days that I worked as a personal trainer to Jillian Michaels.

So here’s what I’m looking for, I want to know what YOU want to know. You can ask me anything. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have a clue what to ask CLo!” then here’s a starter list:

  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Personality Styles
  • Motivators
  • Influence
  • Meetings
  • Sales
  • Front lines of business
  • Failure
  • Making people successful
  • Goal Setting
  • Happiness
  • Mission and Vision
  • Leading Leaders
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Stress
  • Failure
  • Formula Car Racing
  • Jillian Michaels…wait..leave that one alone
  • Ski Racing
  • Food/Cooking
  • My 7th Grade Locker Combination

So those are just a few ideas of topics you can ask questions on. Please ask as many as you would like in the comment section. Also, let me know if you like this idea.



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Meet Chris LoCurto


Chris has a heart for changing lives by helping people discover the life and business they really want.

Decades of personal and leadership development experience, as well as running multi-million dollar businesses, has made him an expert in life and business coaching. personality types, and communication styles.

Growing up in a small logging town near Lake Tahoe, California, Chris learned a strong work ethic at home from his full-time working mom. He began his leadership and training career in the corporate world, starting but at E'TRADE.

71 thoughts on “CLo Said What?”

  1. Great idea, Chris!

    How do you handle challenging personalities among your team members? Many of us have inherited teammates who came with “colorful” personalities that can be a real challenge to deal with especially as it relates to internal and external customers. I’d love to hear your perspective and advice. Thanks!

    1. Are you saying he needs to be short and fit his answer in a 30 second clip? Or, are you trying to say he needs to try to talk underwater? Or a combination of both, trying to talk underwater for 30 seconds?

  2. Chris,
    The first time I ever even heard of you was when Dave introduced you at the Entreleadership one day simulcast over a year ago. I was very impressed with your speaking skills and wisdom on leadership.

    My question to you is….have you always been that smoooove? I mean when you first started doing the Entreleadership sessions, how did you hone your skills? Did you practice in front of a mirror, write every word down, or were you just a natural from day one?

    Looking forward to the vids – great idea!

  3. Great idea Chris and I’m really looking forward to even more learning and inspiration – and fun!

    I’m curious how you work effectively with different personality types when they make no effort or seem to have no desire to recognize how to work with you. Are there more effective ways of leading them laterally so that you can get what you need to do your job well?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. It is an awesome idea, and I do look forward to it. Unfortunately, the only questions I have are influenced by my morning on social media and clicking Joel’s YouTube link in his comment:

    1. Why do people say “they sleep like a baby” when all I see on Facebook is various parents complaining about their baby waking every two hours?

    2. Is it possible to cry underwater?

    So yeah, you might want to answer questions about Jillian Michaels before mine.

      1. HA! I think we all struggle with things such as self doubt, lack of patience, cynicism or some other blocks that we ourselves put up. We are our own worse enemies at times. (:

        I can’t tell you how many times I have thought “who the heck do I think I am for trying to do this” yet it has been amazing to look back after really accomplishing some pretty impossible things.

  5. I LIKE! The idea of video Q&A is awesome! Looking forward to this!

    Next, I have a confession to make. I was a brand-new FPU student and raving Dave Ramsey fan when the book EntreLeadership was published. Hungry for anything Dave, I bought it right away and read it in two days worth of commuter train time.

    Then I found the podcast and decided to listen. When I did, I was sort of disappointed. Who is this guy who is NOT Dave? After listening to a couple of podcasts, I got used to “Not Dave”. Then I learned that my FPU coordinator had attended EntreLeadership Performance Series. Her comment about the series was posted online and it said something like “I was wondering what to expect with this training not being led by Dave, and Chris did a marvelous job”. A year later, I’m still a Dave fan and definitely a Chris fan.

    Long lead-in to my question. How did you find your own voice and established yourself as a trusted resource for leaders?

    1. I second this question!

      Lily, I’d never heard of Dave Ramsey. Then a friend and I started planning for a startup company, and she gave me EntreLeadership to read. I’ve got a passion for leadership and that book LIT my fire! One of the best, if not the best, on the topic.

  6. Mr.Chris,
    I want to open Master Mind group for Manufacturing companies here in Asheville, NC. I have some details that I came up with as in:
    1. No competition
    2. We bring our problems and solutions to the table
    3. Meet once a week for an hour
    4. Free and only 6 people for the group.
    Question that I have, what makes a Master Mind group to stay strong and everyone to participate?

      1. Kathy,

        First time I heard of mastermind group was from Dave Ramsey, I liked the sound of it and did more research.

        Basically Mastermind group is a small group of people that get together and discuss any topic (my is going to focus more on manufacturing) bring their problems and everyone in the group helps each other out. Here are some resources that I think are a good start:

        Hope that helps

        Mathis Electronics

  7. O Frabjous Day! Caloo! Calay!

    Chris: support staff–admin, finance, etc.–can often feel isolated from the operational folks, those who more directly bring dollars into the company.

    How do you make sure that the support folks not only understand they’re an integral part of the team, but that they *feel* this way as well?

    I’d love to know how the teams are physically located in the building, because all that you guys do is so intentional.

    Hooray again for this offer to answer questions.

    1. Nathan, that is somewhere on the same lines of where I am coming from. Managing, leading, and all without “pushing the rope” so to speak. Its hard to compile all of these when you are “it”. All falls on me aand feels impossible when doing it alone.
      Btw, love the idea of video! Tangibiliality! If that is a word, anyway.

  8. GREAT IDEA!!!

    1. How in the world did you remember your 7th grade locker combo? (Just kidding.)

    I would ask you if at the start, if you ever felt like you didn’t know which way to go first to start working on your leadership. And what did you actually start to do to build your skills up?

  9. Sooo..what your saying is, we read what you say, we listen to what you say and now we need to look at what you say…sweet!

  10. Here’s mine and please don’t be a fended by the question…So how in the world did you find your self on Dave’s team and from there he lets you promote your self with the blog and pod cast?—I’m very thrilled you do this by the way!

  11. Background Info: I’m a corporate recruiter for a summer sales and leadership internship program where we teach college students to run their own business through selling educational products door-to-door. (And I still sell books during the summer, too.) Obviously, all parts of this job require LOTS of interaction with people, and we teach our students to take their jobs seriously but not themselves in order to help them be successful and not go crazy during the summer. However, I’m not very good at this myself, so…

    Question: How does one take one’s job seriously, but not oneself? How do I find the right balance between the two?

  12. Like the idea!? That’s an understatement!

    Are you thinking about doing one question per video? or several that will fill a certain time frame?

    Maybe you can share some things from the time with Chelsea last fall. What was it like to have such a great support team across the world? Any lessons learned during that time?

  13. How did you get started racing the formula car and when will you race at Road Atlanta this year? My brother-in-law lives down there and I’d like to see the formula cars run. Do they have a kart class that runs the same weekend as the formula cars?

    Thank you,

    Chris Hill

  14. This would be a great addition to your blog.

    I have 2 questions for you:
    1.What tips/advice do you have on building your coaching business? Last August I started health and wellness coaching. I currently have 2 paying clients and both are doing well. I am building my platform and working on a book about my weight loss journey.
    2. I want to become a speaker and help encourage others to end obesity. I have had the opportunity to speak 3 times so far but want to do more. What tips do you have on becoming a better speaker and getting more opportunities to do so.

  15. Ooo! Ooo! I finally wrapped my head around my big hurdle here! If I cant get even 1 other person to attend a conference or to read a book or Entreleadership material, which podcasts would you say would be best for a small family business owner to listen to… wet their appetite to want to hear and read more on leading and managing their business. Thanks again, Chris!

  16. I have gone on your website and seem to be having triubke finding info on when and where we can watch this video. Has it already taken place? If so, where was it or was it archived at all? Will it be a live feed or pre-recorded? Will be be given future notices and a link to watch it like I do already when being a subscriber to your blog? Any info is greatly appreciated….tribe members too!

      1. You are awesome! Thanks Joshua! You ever feel like you are in an unfamiliar environment where you dont know how you got there and even if what your doing is the right way….like a fish out of water? RSS, FEEDS and Blogging or whatever this is is just that to me! So thanks! Ill keep my eyes out for future notices and hope I dobt find it 4 days late this time. :/ kt

  17. How do you handle a death in the team? Here is the story. I work part time as a server at a banquet hall for weddings and other events. This past weekend our boss had her wedding reception at our facility. The end of the night came around, and one of the supervisors was killed by a drunk driver. She was 27 with two young boys, which is a common theme amongst the team so it hit pretty hard. I am looked at as a leader based on my work ethic and being slightly older, so I invited the team over for dinner to be together outside of the restaurant. How does a leader lead a small team through a catastrophe? I am assuming very simililar to a family, but I am interested in your thoughts.

  18. Chris,

    a buddy and I were brainstorming a business idea, and crunching the numbers we can see this is easily a $1M+ per major market annual revenue venture. It involves real estate and IT/App Dev. He brings real estate knowledge and background and I bring the IT/App Dev side.

    My question is how do we structure a deal where we both have 50% equity, but we aren’t in a partnership?

    I know what the 5 D’s are and I want to make sure they are addressed but I’m not sure if one of us owning the business and giving the other 50% profit sharing is a feasible option…especially since that is a big chunk of cash flow to give away and I also want to make sure we both have an equal amount of input in the direction of the company and also bare the burdens equally as well as the rewards. We’ve got the app built, but we need to put the business structure in place before the revenues get too big to quickly.




  19. Chris, I want to find a way to sell my product and use a portion of the proceeds to help out a great cause (think Tom’s shoes). How do I most effectively market the product and help my cause without looking like I’m taking advantage of the cause to drive sales or being an opportunistic copycat?

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