Closed Doors

So the other night we were in a hotel in Houston waiting to head over to Joel Osteen’s church for Dave to speak. We had just come off of me speaking in Austin, then heading to Cancun for a very successful week-long EntreLeadership event, where I taught on Personality Styles and Motivators, then to Houston for Dave to speak at Lakewood. My English teacher would not have approved of the length of that sentence. We were really road weary and in need of food so we ordered room service. It arrived well before expected, tasted pretty good for hotel food, and left us satiated on chickens we did not pluck. Sorry, old church joke.

Here’s where things got a little funny. I decided to put the tray out in the hallway so the room wouldn’t smell like food all night. It was a heavy tray and an awkward door. As I set the tray on the floor I had to let go of the door for a split second. I tried to get back to it before it closed, but no luck. Of course this would be the time that I didn’t have the key in my pocket. The following is the conversation that happened next:

knock on the door

DLo – “Chris”

CLo – “yes”

DLo – “did you just knock on the door”

CLo – “yes”

DLo – “where are you”

CLo – “still out here”

DLo – “so you want me to open the door”

CLo – “……that would be nice”

Door open

CLo – “I can’t believe we just had that conversation”

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