Confrontation at Work [Video]

Confrontation is a big issue on many teams. It’s a terrible feeling to go to work and know you have to deal with people that are rude or jerks or just suck.

Why do we have confrontation? We don’t understand our team members communication styles.


Start focusing on how someone acts and reacts. Spend time in the other persons personality profile and allow teams that are working together to go through each persons natural and adaptive DISC charts.

Instead of reacting to confrontation, you’ll start to diffuse confrontation when you lean into the direction of the other persons personality style.

If you’re team hasn’t been through my video lesson on Understanding Personality Styles, download it today! We’ve got several products in the store to help you dig deeper into DISC and Values testing.

Question: Have you started leaning into other peoples personality styles? How’s it going?

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6 thoughts on “Confrontation at Work [Video]”

  1. We are going through your Disc Assessment Video in our Team Meetings right now. My Operations Team Leader did a great job Leading out with the Team and letting them know its an Assessment not a Test. A Test you can fail on, but an Assessment is to look at the situation. Thanks Chris Great job !!

  2. I just had a confrontation with my computer when your video went all 1980’s Kung-Fu movie on me and the video and audio were out of sync by a half second. Nice. 🙂

    As I often say, profiles are only one piece (time, experience, asking, and experimentation are the others) but it’s the easiest way to learn how to communicate with a new team member and gets you 50% of the way to communicating well.

    I’ve always struggled with communicating with high C and S types, particularly when they are so conflict-averse. It feels like walking on eggshells sometimes.

    I still haven’t quite figured it out, but one thing I did learn is to be direct with them and to keep my emotions 100% out of it. I am not challenging their abilities or worth as a person, just their performance on a particular task.

  3. Hey Chris!

    I was just watching a video of Patrick Lencioni regarding the “Five Dysfunctions of a Team”. One topic in particular being the lack of conflict. I was just trying to wrap my head around what he was saying is healthy conflict and the personality style usage you talked about. Sounds like a one two punch to innovation!

  4. Hi Chris, I definitely agree that understanding each persons natural and adaptive styles is important. If we want to display which style we are, should we use the natural or adaptive style? Thanks for all that you do and keep up the great work!

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