COVID-19 – How Leaders Respond

Uncertain times call for leadership. But when are times ever certain?

We all face unforeseen circumstances all of the time that impact or derail our plans. This happens at home and in business. And when plans and routines are impacted, strong decision making is critically important!

If you’re thinking, “I hear you, Chris, but I don’t know what to do!”, keep reading.

Every day more Coronavirus cases are confirmed, triggering more and more fear and worry. This is pretty much-impacting everyone in some way, and of all times, this is when leaders must lead! If you’re following me, I assume you’re a leader of people in your life and you’re looking to grow in your leadership.When people are fearful, stressed, and feeling out of control, they need reassurance, guidance, and a calm hand.

Will you give them that?

They need greater levels of communication.

Will you create that?

They need someone to put together a plan and lead.

Will you be that someone?

Here are 3 keys to make stronger decisions when emotions run high.

1. Pray for wisdom, breathe deeply, and be calm

When you freak, you freeze! You can’t think when you’re freaking out, and you can’t make rational decisions.

2. Slow down and gain perspective

When change and uncertainty come quickly, leaders slow down and gain perspective.

Assess what’s happening, how it’s impacting you, and what you should do. Making rash decisions is never a good idea, especially when emotions run high.

3. Ask for help (this may be the most important one)

Who says you have to have all of the answers! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t deal with situations like this virus outbreak and the response to it every day. Don’t have an expectation that you should somehow know exactly what to do. Instead, reach out for help.

In fact, if you need help making decisions, my team is here for you. Call us at 615-656-3506 or email [email protected].

Also, here are more helpful resources:

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