317 | Creating A Legacy with Tom Ziglar

“What is the fastest way to success?”

This question started Tom Ziglar’s journey to discovering the answer.

You can you achieve massive change without massive upset. In Choose to Win: Transform Your Life One Simple Choice at a Time, Tom maps out the simple, daily process to create success and more importantly, your legacy.

Learn how to create real change, significance, and legacy starting with 15 minutes a day:

Key Action Steps:

  • The unexpected question that started Choose to Win [3:45]
  • The Wheel of Life and cornerstone question to accelerate success [5:01]
  • Why obstacles knock us down and life feels harder than it needs to be [6:47]
  • The “un-radical” concept to change your life without giant efforts or drastic measures [8:43]
  • How to commit to a life-changing habit and make it stick [11:39]
  • Finding significance and legacy in your life [12:23]
  • The “perfect start” morning and one question to ask to help you habitually create legacy [14:42]
  • The Hebrew words that shape legacy, and connect our daily rituals to significance [15:35]
  • How to make our dreams the automatic fruitfulness of our lives [18:42]
  • 7 choices to make lasting change, in small bites [28:05]
  • How to have life change without waiting for “disaster” or a huge “dream” [23:27]
  • What it looks like to transform ourselves to transform business outcomes [31:06]


Folks, we barely scratched the surface on this book. It’s full of inspiration and practical actions that will change your life.

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