Culture at Dillanos Coffee – Q&A Series

I recently took a trip to Dillanos Coffee Roasters in Washington to interview CEO David Morris. Over a year ago, David and I connected on Facebook and when I saw that he was a coffee roaster, I immediately sent him a message asking if they had a good Decaf French Roast. I didn’t hear anything for a bit, and then a box of coffee showed up at my office. That’s one way to start a great friendship, if you ask me!

At Dillanos, David and I sat down to talk about their “Culture Club” and core values for this weeks Q&A Series.

“We literally live them (core values) everyday. And its important to me and my brother, who lead the company, that we set examples for being fun with accountability. If you don’t keep accountability in the equation, than everything is just fun and people are running around. It’s not just fun. It’s fun doing your job and that’s an important distinction.” – David Morris

You’re probably familiar with Dillanos because we’ve done a few interviews with David on the podcast and I’m a huge fan of their coffee. Which brings me to two exciting announcements:

  1. The podcast starts again next week! That’s right, you’ve asked for it and it’s back!
  2. Dillanos is offering a 15% discount on all coffee orders with the code CLOTRIBE – go to and check out their incredible selection! My personal favorite is the Entrepreneur Blend…

Special thanks to David, the entire Dillanos team, and my good friend Lance Osborne for traveling with me and shooting the video interview!

Question: What’s the best part of your company culture?



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15 thoughts on “Culture at Dillanos Coffee – Q&A Series”

  1. Fantastic news! Love the interview, as always! Best definition of company culture I’ve heard, “the personality of the company”.

    It’s so inspiring to hear about a culture like this. Of course, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to candidly interview a random employee from a company that claims this kind of culture. Would it be as good as he says? Probably, but it would be interesting to hear it from both sides…

  2. I’ve experienced and admired Dillanos culture as a customer and I can’t say enough good things about them. I’ve shared their story with my team at work, and I’ve shared the coffee too! It blows me away that they have treated me like royalty, even though I may purchase only a bag or two once in a blue moon, and their main business is not even online retail!!

    What impresses me the most is not only their commitment to their clients, but the way they live their mission: “Help People, Make Friends, Have Fun”. How cool is that??!! I admire their commitment to charitable causes and the way they support the farmers that raise their products, including paying for healthcare for a whole community!

    Ethics, environmental responsibility, awesome products, great leadership… If I lived in WA, I’d be knocking on their door to be part of that culture!!!

    1. Lily, doesn’t that sound like a great place to work? Their culture is the reason I buy their coffee. It is out of my normal price range for beans, but I want to be part of that sort of business.

  3. Great job Chris. Talking to someone who is walking the walk of running their business every day is refreshing and inspiring. More, more, more. 🙂

  4. Fantastic! I love…LOVE these videos Chris. Culture seems to be a very important theme for me, and the clients I work with these days. I totally plan to share this video with the HR director I’m working with.

    “Culture is the personality of a company.” Love that.

    And then couple this video with the Inc presentation you gave….lots of burnt rice there for me. 🙂

    The best part of my company culture is that I need to make it happen. I’ve learned that from you. 🙂

  5. Also being in the coffee industry, I’ve always admired Dillanos’ clear, concise and effective mission statement. It is not something that is common in business in general, and even less in the coffee industry.

    And for anyone who exemplifies a mission such as David and Dillanos you know that execution of this is like an iceberg. What you see is only the visible 10%, the foundation, the other 90%, is founded on communication, culture and leadership. WIthout those, Dillanos as it exists would not be.

    Way to go David and thanks Chris for highlighting a great coffee company!!

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